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Ventilation for dual chamber tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by smokedouthaze, Oct 3, 2009.


    smokedouthaze Member

    I'm going to have a tent that is 4'X2'X7'. I'm going to have a section divided that is 1'X2'X7' for a mother and young clones with some CFLs for light. Then I'm going to have the remaining 3'X2'X7' for vegging and blooming plants with a 430W HPS. I'd veg in the small area but I think its too small. Anyway, I need to vent both areas and I have one fan with one can filter. The two areas are going to separated by poly film. I was thinking of cutting a hole in the poly film the size of the filter and have half of the filter in each chamber. Would that even work? What do you suggest I do to vent both rooms through the same filter and same fan?

    smokedouthaze Member


    I was thinking about it more and using an old 120mm PC fan to vent from the small area to the large area. The only thing I'm unsure of in that case is how to keep the light from the small area out of the large area?

    exidis Active Member

    Can i ask how you divided the tent into two chambers without light leaks? I alos have a 4x4x7 tent i want to make room for mothers/veg.

    hiroshima Active Member

    you wont need to use your carbon filter on the clone room. i never have an issue with odour from here other than that fresh nice veg smell. nothing obtrusive.. there are ways around it if you do want to filter both regardless.

    If you duct both areas back to a tee piece, and then from the tee back to your fan, you can control one of the zones using a damper on the end of the duct so your drawing less air from the smaller chamber oppose to the larger area.

    spacestation Member

    you should have your plants that are vegging in a different area than the ones flowering

    smokedouthaze Member

    yeah the areas will be divided by mylar or poly film.

    Do mother plants have a strong odour? If not, I'll just use a 1'D x 2.5'W x 2'4"H cardboard box. Or would that be too small for a mother plant?

    smokedouthaze Member


    ps. I just ran out of the green. I think I'll stop smoking until I harvest my first crop...

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