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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by OrangeHaze, Jul 21, 2013.


    OrangeHaze Active Member

    Hey, so I'll be starting my second grow soon, currently stealth growing in a large walk in closet, but I have two large metal filing cabinets that I am planning to make into grow boxes. Since I won't have a closing door when I remove the cabinets, I was planing on using a curtain of sorts for the door (some sort of black cloth or material with mylar on the inside). It seems it would be easy to do with velcro, I want a nice seal so light wont escape.

    Has anyone done this and can you recommend any particular velcro? Open to other suggestions for a makeshift door as well. I don't have access to a shop or a way to cut a metal door, so bear that in mind. This gonna be DIY tooblox and a hacksaw job for the most part.

    **edit, sorry about the wrong forum, tried to delete and move to the stealth grow/cab forum, but I can't

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    I suggest using a piece of plywood for the door instead of cloth.

    rwbrock Active Member

    photo 2.JPG photo 1.JPG Panda Paper it is black on the outside and reflective white on the inside....stuff works great you can even buy a zipper and set it up. I did it in my closet to help with light leaks and make it a little more stealth.

    justugh Well-Known Member

    velcro will not work with out a sewing machine..........the sticky stuff on the back is crap on fabrics u need to have it sewed on to be any value and the stuff on the metal will come off do to heat transfer from thelights and it being metal

    combine what the guys said .............panada film roll and plywood .................u get a peice of wood that is the whole Width and Lenght .......so when u push it up to act like a door it is level........the cabinet has a lip u need to measure that and then mark it on the wood .....now get some trimming fur (cheap woodpine strips 8 foot like 98 cents) and make a frame where u marked the lines (this is the way to keep the door in )

    once it is fitted then u take it off and line the inside with panda film and get some weather striping for doors/windows and place some so when u have it shut it stops air flow and there for light .................total cost somewhere in 40/50 bucks and about 4 hours of time

    since this is your door now u can add a peephole and look in with out taken the door off

    oh the best strap in velcro to use to hang something is call OneWrap.............one side is fuzzy one side is hooks can reuse them and cut them to size (simplest and cheapest most effect choice for hanging/straping in carbon scrubbers)

    OrangeHaze Active Member

    wow awesome the poly looks perfect. wood door sounds good too :)


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