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Veg to Flower

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Acesover8, Oct 25, 2006.


    Acesover8 Well-Known Member

    Roughly how long does it take to make it to the flowering stage.. its been about 4 weeks almost and there about 6 inches tall 3 nodes some 4 real bushy when would you start? i got plenty of time to go up.. just dont need to get real wide what could i do about that? i need to get the females gone also

    FirstTimeLandscaper Well-Known Member

    depends really but dont be so hasty,if you want all your work to be worth it id wait about 2 months then flower for 2 months,but you can keep plant in vegetation as long as you want if you got the room and clone it for smaller ones,that way you can have bud every week,like me im just tired of paying for it,but dont sell it i like thought knowing my smoking pays rent,lol,its all up to you but 6 inches tall aint strong enough to hold the buds really they will fall to ground and youll have to tie the branches up and chance your breaking stem,glad to help ya,get high,get laid,get high,smoke a cigarette

    HURLEY Active Member

    well its depends.. how much head room do you got. Your plant will double, maybe even triple in size when flowering is induced. i would start flowing when ur plants are about 1/3 of ur total head room, maybe even a little less. so if u have 3 feet of head room, flower at 8-12 inches.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Yo ACE..

    I have some concern with your numbers... Your plants are 4 weeks old and only have 3 nodes? that is not good... and they seem a bit tall for only having 3 nodes....

    How is everything going? are you loving your plants to death (over watering).. : )

    do you have a pic..


    Acesover8 Well-Known Member

    there about 6 nodes my bad and they got alil yellow from ph from mg then it got regulated and now no streching and thick stems there about 7 inches i would like to get them a foot before i start what do you think garden?
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    6 nodes sounds great.. one node per inch is GOOD!! : )

    yes, you can wait till she gets a foot tall.. or taller if you only have 1 or 2 or 3 plants.. just make sure you give her plenty of light...


    i look forward to seeing her..

    Acesover8 Well-Known Member

    400 watt hps 9 plants right now but there will be prob 5 males is what i figure maybe more or less doesnt really matter so i will prob end up with somewhere around 4 healthy Females

    how big you think would be a good size for 4
    they could be upwhere around 5 feet maybe more
    also when would be a good time to clone and take the males out
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Hi ACE..

    5 feet is huge if you are working with 400 watts...

    If you flower them when they are 20 inches tall, you will stil get a great harvest.. Are you training the plants?

    I would clone them about 10 days before you want to flower them..


    []D[][]V[][]D New Member

    I been veggin since about tha beginning of November.....20-25 inches tall, I am kickin this girl into flower mode, first time personal (medicinal use) horticulturalist. She gots arms all ova... :-) I know she looks sickly, its my first time, i am not adding any more nutrients (Blood meal) just watering when needed.

    So, my question is this, I am figuring based off yours guys beginning numbers...I am lookin at a nice amount. If so, can after curing, freeze and save? If so, any best practices to follow?

    Here are my pics, she's now flowering :-). My Indican Susie is veggin by herself now...her organic soil is perfect....

    Oh! that cup next to susie...is molasses and vinegar, natural fruit fly (lake of fire) :-).



    RON PAUL '08!!

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    kissingMJ Member

    my plant is 4 weeks old n about 7 inches tall.can i start flowering n how long will it take:confused:

    savagebud Member

    what is training plants?

    [seriousdesert] Member

    training is either low stress or high stess.

    Low stress is stuff like tying the plant down so that the lower fan leaves get more light

    High stress is Topping or Fimming. Topping is where you pinch/cut off the end of the plant (new developing node)

    reyesplants Member

    Need help pls how do i add pics first of all and second i just wanna say its never good growing male plants its whatevers bit if u dont want seed i suggest u take those outa ur female grow rroom. An thiird of all i wanted tk no if i can flower one of my plants its been growing For about five months mabe more (i want to add pic bit idk how) its been growing good big fan leaves and everything but i been trimming it so the inside nodes can get more light but i want to no if i can flower it now it about 12'

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