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Vaporizer - good / bad ??

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Ringsixty, Nov 1, 2011.


    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    I have personally never used this type of devise or know anyone that currently does. But, I have a buddy that can't really smoke bud.
    Thinking of maybe getting him a vaporizer for X-mas.

    Anyone with personal experience?

    Don't even bring up the subject of edibles....:shock:
    That SOB can EAT!

    Stoobie Active Member

    I have a Da Buddah vaporizer that I use sometimes. For whatever reason, it aggravates my asthma. I still use it, because it's a very effective, essentially odorless way to get high. Vaporizers are alleged to be good for people with breathing difficulties. Maybe I'm the exception to that rule.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    my lungs don't seem to jive with vapes either.... I say get your buddy an inline AC glass on glass straight tube... as much water filtration as possible...get some diffuser beads aswell...with some organic hemp wick from humboldt traders.... yep then your buddy should be set..

    also if you guys are getting shatty bud that's a big factor...organic well grown well cured herb is much lighter on the lungs by standard...water filtration just makes it a dream.

    Wolfhound Active Member

    Getting the vaporizer to work with the lowest heat takes time to learn. Vaporizing, done right, only delivers the meds in a vapor & none of the plant material(carbon). A no brainer for most who want a healthier choice to deliver meds & eliminate most of the bad effects from smoking (burning) meds.
    As the Guy above says " May not work with specific lung troubles " . . . No way can smoking be better for your lungs than vaporizing though.:sad:
    Bongs or anything that runs the smoke thru water will remove some of the substances that get you high & some of the carbon but not as healthy as a vape, for a fact.
    Having said ALL that, Nothing taste better than burning a joint if it's about taste !:hump:

    poplars Well-Known Member

    in no way??? sorry I don't think you can really say that without admitting that your knowledge on the subject is entirely based on cannabis pop-culture facts.....

    did you know that smoked pure cannabis has never been proven to cause any long term lung conditions? it has been SMOKED by asthma patients for DECADES before prohibition specifically for treating asthma.

    and then you come in here and tell someone that in no way is smoking better for him than vaporizing when his EXPERIENCE, and many others, prove otherwise.

    sorry this vaporizing charade is getting old... it is not a cure all, it is not natural... in fact stoned poney dropped dead while hitting his vaporizer..people say it was from something else and all his prior health conditions... but I say fuck them...there is something WRONG when a middle aged man who quit smoking months earlier drops dead in the middle of a vapor session... vaping is a VERY new thing, it is not an old practice like smoking, I do not trust it.

    I think the so called science behind it is partially hyped up... the so called tars and carcinogens in cannabis are not bad for us, there was this analogy a while back, just because its made up of these particular things doesn't mean it's going to cause this every single time, in every condition. cigarettes have radioactive CHEMICALS in them, that's why you get a shitload of cancer... plus cigarettes have no medicinal properties, cannabis has anti-cancer, programmed cell death of aged cells, properties that offer 'protective effects' in many many studies.

    so the conclusion...smoking cannabis isn't as bad as you think... get some organic cannabis, organic hemp wick (or heat a glass wand...), and good filtration in glass (with aid of glass diffusers, inline, and diffuser beads...) proper smoking practices... certain strains are easier on the lungs than others...

    SO many factors it just pisses me off when vapor elitists come in here saying smoking can never work and it is never better than vapor... fuck that nonsense.
    Bodhi Diesel

    Bodhi Diesel Active Member

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    poplars Well-Known Member

    man I'm not gonna bother with this because if it comes down to a study vs study here you will always win, there are a mountain of studies for vaporization and against smoking. how do you think I'm going to actually prove something to you that has been known for 100s to 1000s of years.

    oh well. keep on vapin, gonna suck if you run out of electricity though.
    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    I have Da Buddha and asthma. I can tell you it's way better than smoking bowls or joints. Takes less to do the job and tastes way better. The only thing that I found that aggravates my asthma is certain strains. Most strains actually open my bronchs much like an inhaler.
    Vapor Nation

    Vapor Nation Active Member

    Hi Ringsixty... Vaporizers are indeed a healthier alternative to combusting plant material and there is such a wide selection of vapes available, that your friend could likely find one to suit their needs. Portable vaporizers such as the Arizer Solo are perfect for those who like to medicate on the move and the Magic Flight Launch Box is great for a single person looking to take a few draws of vapor at a time. There are balloon bag options for those who want the ability to easily pass the vapor amongst a group. And if they prefer the smoothness of water filtration there is the Life Saber by the same company that makes the Silver Surfer and let me tell you, the Life Saber makes clouds of vapor through a water pipe. Tons of options to choose from, but definitely worth taking a look. Cheers!
    Bodhi Diesel

    Bodhi Diesel Active Member

    You're not going to bother with this because you can't prove me wrong.
    I can see that you need even more education on the subject than I thought. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years WITHOUT smoking it.



    As long as the sun continues to shine and the wind continues to blow, I'll have electricity. Not that I NEED electricity to vaporize.

    poplars Well-Known Member


    read and try to open your mind that you may not know everything with pop culture studies.... ;)

    quote just in case you can't read in between the paragraphs....

    sso Well-Known Member

    smoking cannabis helped me with asthma and some other lungproblems , gravity bong (and mixed with tobacco)

    i rarely notice my asthma anymore and i had it pretty bad some years back, went to the doctor but didnt like the medicine offered (just really wanted a diagnosis(well mom did lol))

    at the time i also had to buy alot more or couldnt smoke, really started to feel much better once i was more selfsufficient in my grows and could smoke all the time and good stuff,.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    don't mix weed with tobacco... increases your chances of permenant lung conditions by 30x . . .. good cannabis alone will not cause long term lung conditions with proper smoking habits.... but mixing with tobacco you're just asking for trouble.

    sso Well-Known Member

    dunno why, but im not particularily interested in vaporizers.

    usually when its so (99.99%) i turn out to be right on not liking it. (doesnt suit me)

    though, to be clear, that might be something everyone likes or needs, but me ;) (though usually if everyone likes it, i probably like at least bit too lol)

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    yeah dude, i have a digi volcano, and i can tell you if i used that instead of my bong for a month, my smokers cough goes away. I only smoke ganja, and I do not smoke cigarettes. yeah, smoking anything is bad for you. smoking weed is not good for your lungs, I dont care what anyone would say, inhaling anything besides air is the exact opposite of what our lungs have been genetically made to do.

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    my bong gets me way higher than my volcano as well too, so i use my bong more so.

    sso Well-Known Member

    well, i would believe that, but for the fact, i was coughing like a mother fucker every day along with the asthma wheezing (felt like a ton on my chest lol)

    that is, i was coughing every day, till i had my first 2 bowls (First made me cough and retch, second only slightly so)

    and by the fourth , i was feeling perfectly fine.

    plus add to the fact i got malaria at a similar time and weakened by that i got swineflu (actually that that started the coughing)

    but i just kept on smoking and today i feel fine, took maybe a year to get perfectly fine.

    (well, i feel bit weak and out of shape and i might wheeze about once every 2 months or so if im doing anything really strenous)
    (but im slowly getting better (im pretty lazy :))and i dont really have any lungproblems anymore, so slight that i dont have the slightest concern)

    and thats with smoking cannabis with tobacco (1g to a g)

    so im kinda thinking, if there is any harm with the tobacco, the cannabis negates it. (and i do enjoy the effect of tobacco and dont find the smoking right suit me if it isnt present)

    but then again, im waiting on my first harvest of tobacco :) (grows easily and makes a fantastic houseplant (looks damn good))

    poplars Well-Known Member

    k ignore the effects smoked cannabis has on asthma...

    I say your smokers cough is probably because you live in michigan and have no access to good quality organic cured chronic... and you likely have unhealthy smoking practices... YES there are safe ways to smoke... especially with cannabis as it does not damage the lungs, if anything if used with respect and properly, it has a protective effect on the lungs, keeping the bronchial tubes dilated, protecting from cancer...

    but hey keep spouting your obvious pop-culture based nonsense. I'm good on listening and I will continue to try to sway the rest of the people who will potentially view this thread.

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    hahaha nah bro. I live in palmdale

    poplars Well-Known Member

    well either way you're doing something wrong if you get a smokers cough from cannabis... I smoke every day atleast 4 -6 times daily with my zong bong.. ash catcher with a glass on glass diffuser... organic hemp wick, organic bud.

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