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vaporized extract (not vaporizing an extract) aka distilled extract

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by THE KONASSURE, Nov 11, 2013.


    THE KONASSURE Well-Known Member

    I`ve been thinking

    I vaporize nice bud all the time

    but I have a pesky plant matter to get rid of

    Could I do the following

    Heat dry herb to 90c then run vape to get rid of the moisture

    Then heat herb to 200c below the vaporizing point of benzine

    Run vape trough a carbon filter then into a peculator containing 99%+ alcohol or maybe MONO PROPYLENE GLYCOL ?

    keep vaping till the propylene or alcohol was totally filled with residue and then I`d have a solution with pretty much pure canaboids from 90c to 200c range, the propylene can just be vaporized or have some essential oil added to improve taste

    Using the alcohol system you could boil of the alchol and end up with a pretty pure extra

    I already vape bong when I do so all I would have to do is find a suitable fluid to exchange my water for I was thinking Propylene gycol or alcohol

    Has anyone tried this or have any thoughts ?

    I also considered switching out the heat of a vape and instead using compressed food grade nitrous-oxside or co2 trough a herb chamber then into my bubbler would that system be better for faster large scale extraction ?

    Once again any help or thoughts would be cool

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    you end up with the same product known as "reclaim" out of a vape..
    Breweries have been around forever distilling weed is not a new thought...you could improve with a vacuum and lower temps..
    It would not taste too good, probly pretty high in cbn, the method will always degrade more because its based on boiling points..
    Also sounds a bit harder/complex and could get expensive depending on your materials..

    Other than that I see the idea of a vape connected to a bong? (Do I have that right?) As rather inefficient, would you be sucking on the bong? Ehh I just don't see it...
    And then boiling it(iso, etoh? You said 99%) out? Might as well do a solvent extract...

    Wait now your thinking compressed co2 through your bong? No dude please tell me you were just super high while thinking this

    THE KONASSURE Well-Known Member

    No I was really thinking that nos would be better then co2 but co2 would work but no for the co2 I was thinking to use a bubbler, and just vent it you could breath the exhust if you wanted

    The other idea was a bag of nos that also has weed in it you then bong the nos the nos go`s trough a liquid and some very pure canaboids end up in the liquid

    Yes I have a load of different methods to connect a bong to vape

    I simply get an 18.6mm male joint onto the end of any vape and you can bong with it

    I use an airzier solo or my extreme Q most of the time

    As for taste you can simply add a drop of essential oils to the bong "water" to fix that

    People inhale nos gas and alcohol vapor for fun so they all seem usable

    I could put the bubbler onto my arizer and have it going through that and then into the bag, I normally carbon filter straight off of the herb chamber too to catch all the tiny bits of plant matter and water and what not

    My vape is very clean I could probably vape many oz`s of weed before my bong water would look even close to as dirty as a normal bong would get after 1 hit

    I also have percs and a multi chamber bongs so I could set up the 1st chamber to make the extract and the 2nd could just have water to still get the heath benefits of water filtering

    I`ve just never heard of anyone doing it and seen as extracts are all the rage

    well who would not want a bong that made them extract as they used it ?

    Ok it will mellow out your weed a bit and it might have more cbd

    but for medical that could be amazing I mean you vape bong for your needs and at the same time you make a nice drink or extract or anything that can help someone with cancer ?

    I think it could be a good idea if it works, just worrying that the drag on Mono Propylene glycol might be too hard they use it to make e-cigarettes so it`s pretty safe to vape it and it vapes at around 180c just about right for thc ?

    I do my best thinking when I`m stoned because my normal ideas are more crazy

    but things only sound crazy until they work.....

    Or would I want to water filter 1st and have the propylene in the second chamber ?

    That way the water will remove the bad taste the only down side is that I`d get water in the propylene over time but I could simply boil the propylene to get rid of it

    I vape anything from 1 to 6 oz`s a month trough my bong so I`m thinking keep it in there for 1 to 6 months then heat it up to boil off any water add a drop a essential oils and boom extract for free

    I mean I want to see the propylene change colour when it gets super loaded with partials of weed it might take a long time but I mean I`m currently just chucking my water away and propylene has a higher boiling point then water so my vape from the bong should be more milky if the temps are right ?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    While I certainly respect your attitude(I would have yelled at me lol)

    Cbn is not cbd....it would not be more medicinal
    How much pressure do you really think your bong could handle to do some sort of crazy compressed co2 extraction (if I have that right)
    Yea you will get a product you could dab and get high distilling out your vape..why? If its more expensive to produce, taste worse, less potent, harder to do and I'm sure I could think of a few more..

    Look..I buy a pint of 99% iso for like $1.18...it will run a couple ozs and give me my avatar...a few grams of it
    Your method would yield dark goop that won't smell too good and be high in cbn...not cbd..yea it will make you tired/foggy.. it will take longer, and be more expensive, especially if you add flavor.....I couldn't really speculate yield..I certainly wouldn't expect all the vaped oil to trap in whatever liquid you choose.how would you automate this? I mean your gonna sit down and vape an oz to get some oil?

    THE KONASSURE Well-Known Member

    Nah man you have the wrong idea man

    I fill my perc with the stuff and vape my weed like normal but instead of changing the water in my bong I just use a pre cooler for the water so I let the bong with alcohol or propylene get all gunky over time I can top it up if I need be

    Then I empty it out and have an oil I can use to get high

    My point would be that it`s free and that propylene might fog up better then water also it freezes lower then 0c so I can keep it in the freezer when I want a super cool hit if it don`t go too hard

    I`m just saying for a vape bong it might be better, plus you could fill an e-cigarette with it add a bit of peppermint oil and you`d have some nice stealthy way to get stoned out and about town too, well you know if you lived somewhere where that was ok... lol

    The main point is why should I go out my way to make the oil when I`m already sucking vape trough my bong all the time anyway it`s an energy saver if you understand what I mean ? I would not have to make oil if anything I`d be a tad less high per hit but I`d get some free oil out of it

    but there's a chance the propylene will some how aid me to get more high lol

    midnitetoak Active Member

    Wouldn't any solvent in your bong just evaporate out? Try reclaiming your vaped residue with alcohol & leave it out overnight in a dish and scrape. I tried reclaiming resin from my bong that I only smoke flowers & hash out of but it tasted so nasty I threw it out. However reclaiming dabbed residue from my oil rig made something decent to vape though not a pretty color. You could fill up your bong with jet fuel & get stoned outta your gourd but that's probably not a good idea. I love a good brainstorm though & hope you do invent a way to get high for free because that would be a giant leap forward in science.
    Mushroom Boulder

    Mushroom Boulder New Member

    Before I learned how the extracts are made for dispensaries, I thought this might be how they did it. I had a volcano vaporizer for awhile and when the bags would eventually get sticky on the inside I would reclaim it with ISO and get a very light blond goop. It had a great flavor and was very strong. It was quite gooey and sticky since it had been decarboxylated during the initial vaporization. I had always planned on buying a glass distillation column and running the vapor from the Volcano directly to the column. Just when I was about to order it, I learned about extracting directly from the plant material. That's also when I learned about decarbing, and why you might want some extracts in their original chemical state.

    I would think the vapor bong reclamation would work, but inefficiently, as even with percolation and so forth the vapor won't spend long in the liquid. Also, with ethanol you might inhale more than you want in vapor form during an extended "sesh". You might enjoy that however! I say give it a shot, but start fresh. Give your whole setup a full ISO cleaning, and then when you've vaped a 1/4p (measure well) reclaim the bong adherents with ethanol. Please weigh the resulting extract and let us know. It won't be great as a way of producing extract, but your might get a noticeable "weed recycling"

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I say fuck it
    Hit bong like normal ...don't exchange bong water...the cool water traps and condenses the smoke blah blah.......month in..boil water in Pyrex and scrape

    Be sure to share how it tasted.....lol

    But I'm sure putting alcohol in their would make the bong smell not come right? Lol
    I wonder how high you would get hitting the bong and how inefficient it would be in doing so..then the degredation from boiling your thc first

    Didn't finshaggy come up with this method first?
    No I'm not joking... he did attempt or at least talk about it

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    nos... do you mean nitrous?
    please say yes
    NOS is a brand... not the actual stuff they inject into their engines on the fast and the furious.....

    Twitch Well-Known Member


    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    "compressed food grade nitrous-oxside or co2 trough a herb chamber then into my bubbler"
    I think he means fast and the furious style
    sounds dangerous.....I mean besides impossible

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    What were you talking bout twitch?
    The brand

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