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Vacuum sealing weed.

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by TheGardenMan, Jan 7, 2008.


    TheGardenMan Dea, FBI, ATF MuthaFucker

    Will vacuum sealing marijuana 100% prevent the dogs from smelling it. k-9's i mean.
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    yea but do it 3 times. on the third bag sprinkle some talc powder to take away the chance of odour.

    TheGardenMan Dea, FBI, ATF MuthaFucker

    where can i buy talc powder at?

    brontobrandon1 Well-Known Member

    my friends just vacum seal it then wash teh outsides with bleach, ive been gettin shit from cali for liike 4 years works everytime fedex over nightttttt

    stonegrove Well-Known Member

    lol u serious? anywhere. in case u didnt know, talc means baby powder, u know johnson and johnson.

    TheGardenMan Dea, FBI, ATF MuthaFucker

    thanks man.

    skunkushybrid New Member

    I've heard that doing it twice is enough to stop the dogs smelling it, but 3 times and the talc should be ok.

    Do you guys get talc in the US?

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    are you guys sure about this? if its so easy to block out the smell why dont all trafficers do this to aviod arrest?
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    talc powder is run of the mill with smugglers these days cause it does'nt evaporate. and washing the package with bleach just before posting would be a good move. and don't put your own address anywhere on the package.

    rolln1up Well-Known Member

    All materials are semi permeable and the extant at which gas exchange differs greatly between materials. Yes vacuum sealing if done properly and I mean clean room standards can beat a dogs nose for a length of time hours to at most a couple of days. If vacuum sealing was 100% safe from dogs companies would vacuum seal weed and ship it to the states but its not so they don't. People have tried this and gotten busted. Shipping immediately over night next day with a vacuum bag works and has been proven. Several days, a vacuum bag, and a dogs nose is going to bust you
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    vaccum pack then wrap in clingflim or sellophane. Then cover in vaseline and wrap in the clingfilm or sellophane. The vaseline provides a seal to ensure no smell gets through. When u vaccum pack then open it up the smell is almost gone. It takes a day to get the smell back in ur weed. After a day once the air has got to it it regains its smell. I bought some vaccum packed and thought the weed was shit as the smell wasnt there. The next day my whole house was stinking.
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    DND Well-Known Member

    I agree that vacuum sealing is effective especially when you triple bag it. It is important to make sure that when you seal it, your hands and surfaces it touches be absolutely clean and free of product. Also it helps that you seal it right before it leaves. Which brings me to my point...no matter how well you seal the product, it will eventually be detectable by trained K-9's.

    Here is why... dogs smell different than humans do and their sense of smell is 1000x better than humans. The 1000x is just to get the point across, but I don't know the exact numbers...I do know it is a lot. Back to the way dogs smell... say you are cooking meat loaf for instance. You add beef, onion, green peppers, salt, pepper, bread crumbs, an egg and some sauce...mix it all together and cook it. (FYI, I don't know the recipe, but this is for demonstration purposes...LOL) Anyhow, after cooking you are able to smell the meat loaf and all the aromas of the cooked ingredients. Maybe a bigger hint of onion and the sauce topping stand out to you, but that is it. Well the dog on the other hand can smell each individual ingredient even after being cooked. In this instance, say the dog is specially trained to smell eggs...now keep in mind that the eggs are just a bonding agent in the recipe and have little to no taste or smell when the meat loaf is cooked. It's masked by the beef, onion, peppers etc and if we didn't prepare the dish or know the recipe, we probably wouldn't guess that eggs were used. The dog on the other hand can smell the egg even though it has been masked by the other ingredients. Pretty crazy, but it is true.

    Now relate the above to packaging marijuana. You can try to mask the scent with anything and as many layers as you want, but the fact remains...it's only a matter of time before the smell starts seeping through the layers. Even with products such as fabric softener, talc powder, gasoline or whatever product you choose to mask with...the dog will be able to separate the smells and detect what it is specially trained for.

    Of course there are variables such as how long the dog has been trained, how well it does at relaying signals to it's handler and the list goes on. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself when transporting.

    1. Be smart and obey the laws...do the speed limit, use turn signals, make sure lights are in working order. Even simple things like too dark of tint can get you pulled over, use a vehicle that is reliable and practical.

    2. (You) Look respectable and like a law obeying citizen. Tuck the long hair into a hat, dress as as if you are going to a business casual job. Keep the weed shirts etc at home. Have a solid story...where you are going and why you're going there especially if traveling across states...they will ask and if you provide them with a solid answer the less they suspect. If with a friend make sure they know too. I think it's better to travel without a personal stash and not get high while driving. If you do, make sure it is hidden (WELL) and all paraphernalia are too. No roaches, pipes in the ash tray or glove box. And as always...be cool (literally). If a cop is approaching, do not freeze up and get nervous especially if he pulls up on the side of you. Look over and look back, if he smiles give him a nod or a quick wave and continue driving. They are always profiling people and are trained to do so, if you are obeying the driving laws, remain calm and confident there is no reason to pull you over. Of course sometimes when they make shit up, but if you go with the averages...you will be fine.

    Somethings to do if you do get pulled over and the K-9 is involved. First thing is first...if your product is well hidden and they want to have a look in the car, let them. They are more likely to miss a well hidden package than a sniffing K-9, remember how a dog smells differently? As always be cool and have a solid story. Be nice, but don't seem to eager as if you're hiding something. They can sense that too. If the K-9 does get called out if you refuse to let them search, they will walk him around the car to see if he smells anything. If he does, then that's probable cause and if your packages aren't hidden you're pretty much fucked. But, you can do a few things to throw the dog off before he even gets started. You could travel with your pet (cat/dog)...this throws the dog off because once he sees another animal his natural instinks kick in and he becomes interested in them rather than doing his job. Spray animal piss on your tires...like deer scent or fox piss. Same reason as above, it distracts the dog from doing his job. There are probably more and people can add on as they see fit, but those are the ones I know about.

    The key is to not get pulled over and with using common sense and doing your best not to be profiled. That way you never come in contact with the "man" and his "beast". Be smart and be safe.
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    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    wow...you sound like the ex cop guy^^^^

    DND Well-Known Member

    Maybe i speak from experience?? I can assure you I never owned a badge, lets just say my teenage years were "misguided" and I spent some time dictated by CO's.

    yurple Well-Known Member

    I'm not calling you a liar, but I get grandaddy purp on a regular basis and it comes vacuum sealed and EVERY time I open it, it smells like somebody put a skunks ass right in my face....even if I open it in a large room and somebody is in the opposite corner of me they will smell it almost instantly cause the smell is so strong....

    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    It will only work for a few hours b4 the smell permeates thru the bag. Also make sure not to get any residue on the outside as they can smell this.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Maybe the longer its packed might have this affect the strain was el nino. It seriously took a while to regain its strong odour it had a little smell when i first opened it then stank.

    starchland Well-Known Member

    given enough time...the smell will permeate any material.

    yurple Well-Known Member

    Yea probably a strain/time factor....

    Moto329 Well-Known Member

    Any comments on coffee tins or in peanut butter... stuff like that? I've heard about that stuff but have no experience with it.

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