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Using regular male pollen with an autoflowering plant.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by 420progro, May 11, 2010.


    420progro Member

    Does anybody know what would happen if i were to use regular male jock horror pollen on an autoflowering jock horror plant that nirvana is now selling?

    unfortunately they are only offering feminized seeds in 5 packs with their new variety and i would only consider buying them if there were a chance i could pollinate and keep a sea going.

    any input from sombody who knows about genetics would be greatly appreciated!!!

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    hmm I'm not totally sure if autos pollinated with non auto pollen produce all autos or not... I haven't heard anyone say that you have to be sure to pollinate an auto with an auto to get autos, so its probably a dominant trait.

    420progro Member

    bumpity bump

    420progro Member

    I went ahead and bought three 5 packs of seeds from nirvana anyways.

    blue mystic autoflower + feminized, jock horror autoflower + fem, bubblicious autoflower + fem.

    now i really want to know what the results would be if i were to cross pollinate with regular pollen. sombody has to know or have tried it. plz to post mad reps+++

    420progro Member

    to the top imo!

    zigzag6 Active Member

    I THINK !

    If u put (example) your male pollen (lets say its afgan) on a female blue mistic auto , again ... I THINK... it would make automatics afgan x BM

    Hope im right but im pretty sure ...

    zigzag6 Active Member

    Anyone can confirm .. am i wrong ?

    420progro Member

    sombody confirm!

    RichED Well-Known Member

    i think the seeds will turn out both auto and regular two auto parents = auto seeds
    two reg parents = reg seeds
    one each parents = mix seeds

    i think i have done seeds in auto and in regs never mixed

    i think it is more steps to get all autos to be autos every time from a cross wth auto and reg seed

    not sure just opinion im not a breeder just a pollen slinger

    good luck 1 love

    420progro Member

    back to the front!

    420progro Member

    not one person out of all the users has tried this yet? i find this hard to beleive.

    donkey.420 Well-Known Member

    i was talking to jester88 about that the other day(super smart dude if you've never spoke with him) and he said it would be unstable because of the ruderalis gene. that it would be very unpredictable. but he also said if it interests you it might be worth a shot. hope this helps

    dtp5150 Well-Known Member

    some of the seeds will auto flower, some of them will not

    420progro Member

    THANK YOU, only took a week to get a reply from sombody that knows what they are talking about.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    is that not what i had said earllyer
    just base on common sence and how plants work i must admit not experience

    good luck to you
    1 love

    chirim2003 Well-Known Member

    Hello im new here but have been breeding autoflowers and crossing them for a few years now so i do have alot of experience with them. You can pollinate it with regular pollen yes and you will get viable seed. But they will not all be autoflowering. If your lucky 25%. Breed them and out of that find a male and female with autoflowering traits and breed them and you may possibly get 50% autoflowering. Keep continuing that for several generations and you will produce stable autoflower genetics. I have had to do up to 14 crosses at times to get a strain stable and 100% autoflowering. It is time consuming but fun. If your gonna do it dont focus on all traits you want for 1 breeding but pick one and make that stable then add a trait that your also looking for and so on. I hope that helps.

    kingjones23 Member

    this sounds scientifically correct
    Dr purps

    Dr purps Well-Known Member

    So u do it like this correct me if I'm wrong I never did it so now it's time to to get in to it. first u make your first batch of seed crack it grow it then get a female auto then breed thT auto female with the new male pollen the crack those seeds find another auto female then pollen it again with the new auto male so that's tree generations already I'm I right like how I said correct me if I'm wrong cause I have grand daddy purp "purple dream" that strain called and I'm thinking of breeding my auto northern light blue cheese white widow and cherry bomb breed it with the purple is there any way u can make the seeds all female cause breeding it also gives u males seeds too and I don't want to destroy my plants using that silver spray I want to smoke my weed not throw it away what a waste of time
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015

    vitamin_green_inc Well-Known Member

    Spray them you have to. There's a really long/good journal on this topic at 420mag.dude sprays 1 auto a grow, gets 30~ seeds, he did that for a couple of grows. Now he has thousands

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