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using molasses

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by midget, Apr 17, 2007.


    midget Active Member

    I just got some from the health food store and want to start using it... how much and how often should I use it and should I use it with my fert? I am using fox farm tiger bloom... also should it only be used during the budding period?

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    You can use molasses during the vegetative stage and the bloom phase, but at lesser doses. I have been using about a tablespoon per gallon in the middle of my bloom phase and trichromes have taken off. Make sure you have unsulphured molasses, otherwise you could cause some toxicity issues. I just bought Botanicare's Sweet according to High Times, when used with molasses it is supposed to give amazing results, but it's not altogether necessary. Hoped this helps!

    midget Active Member

    so i am a little confused... do you only add it once or twice during the bloom cycle? or with every watering... I may have given my plants a little to much I did three table spoons per gallon... one plant looks like I burned it or something the others are fine... but I have noticed a lot of trechs... ooooh the learning curve...

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    Oh you can add it every week or every other week (along with your fertilizers) If it looks a bit burned you can do a flush, 3 tablespoons is a bit much, I would stick with one for now. You might want to wait two weeks before reapplying, just to make sure your plants have time to take up the molasses. But it sounds like you should be fine for now.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    The Molasses you can buy in most grocery stores. called "Grandmas" is stated as unsulphurd

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    That's the stuff I use.....love it!
    The yellow label.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    Yup the yellow label is the right kind!

    mainegho Well-Known Member

    Damn I am glad I stumbled upon this post, I have never heard of this. So it makes the resin glands more umm what would I say intense, denser? Also would this work with an outside grow in a burlap sac, I am just guessing here but I would say yes?

    I have always wondered how they hell do people find this stuff out for the first time. Leave it to stoners and we can solve all the problems of the world. I was just recently amazed at clear rolling papers. Wild man, like plastic but no taste and made out of 100% plant matter. Who but stoners :blsmoke:

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    Haha of course, we are a crafty bunch! And yes molasses will work in an outdoor grow just as well as an indoor grow. Peace :joint:

    Blazin24/7 Well-Known Member

    I use Grannies to, Grandma's is the best I won't change Video hit it on head with that one.......Yes the YELLOW label....I add it to my nutes 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water....with my nutes.....then the last 2 waters I use only molassass and then on the very last water I do a straight water flush..... I use the same process as you would without molass. but during the last 2 waters I only use straight water for the VERY last one....and I do my flush then..... I will harvest when my soil is drier, I will add a bit of flavoring about an hour b4 I harvest the plant then sucks all that good flavor of what ever I added to it...... because I let it dry right out......OH this would be a great time to add some food coloring too if you wanted to try it...then for the double whammy like FDD did .... when you harvest you can soak the stalk for about a day and let it soak up the food coloring that way aslo on top of feeding to the dried up plant with the flavorings you want to add.....Sorry so many Ideas...I get long winded.....I appologize for running your thread....just some ideas I thought we cool I am trying all these ideas with my grow...... I will keep posted on the end products......

    midget Active Member

    I couldnt' find grandmas but I found some organic unsulphered stuff at one of the organic stores... and thank you all for you info...

    Chronald Well-Known Member

    dont use the food colouring! FDD updated his post and said that it ruins the bud and it tastes like crap after...
    whats the diff between fancy molasses and the yellow label??? I could only find Grandmas fancy molasses, it says 100% natural and no preservatives.. Will this be alright??

    GraF Well-Known Member

    should work, what are the contents in it??

    should be alot of carbohydates, thats all the plants use when u apply mollasses

    and to the original poster....
    I personally would only use the mollasses for the LAST 4 weeks of FLOWERING..... thats what High Times told me anyways

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    You want to avoid the "Fancy" Molasses, it is more processed and contains fewer forms of sugars. Those complex sugars are important, the cruder the molasses the better... Best to stick to black-strap. High times also recommends using sucanat, essentially pure evaporated sugar cane juice so it should contain much of the same things but in a less concentrated form. Still cheap stuff though.

    Blazin24/7 Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU FOR THAT i missed that one FDD posted......I will be sure NOT to add food coloring but I will still try the flavorings as I had read somewhere someone actually did it and a hint of the flavor came thru....so thanks again


    Chronald Well-Known Member

    thanks.. thats makes sense, very good answer... i'll try and find black strap next time Im at the grocery store..

    noobiedoobie Active Member

    Hey guys im am new to growing and need help fast so check out my thread, every little bit of help woulf be great, thanx everyone

    BeatenByTheWorld Well-Known Member

    I compared 5 different jars of molasses and I noticed grandmas is the best because. (aka this is what you want to look for on the nutrient label) Idk on a scientific level what these elements do but they're good for plants.

    Most important is the unsulphured factor. Sulphured anything going into a plant can cause salt deposits(not to be mistaken with sodium or the nutrient form of sulphur)

    This was proven when Penn State University conducted a test watering a plant with PH balanced propel, gatorade, and various vitamin waters(including but not restricted to the brand vitamin water)

    Grandmas contains outright potassium this will help the carb most off brands do not say potassium on the label.

    It also has a good balance of calcium and iron at 4% plus alittle magnesium 2% Off brands usually have a 10% 2% calcium/iron ratio with either of them being the higher one

    Personally if i had a choice Id take the higher calcium because it takes forever to move through the plant but neways.

    So from a 'plants' point of view, grandmas is the most complete.

    spagettiheady420 Well-Known Member

    I dont know how you can claim what molasses is the best without any proof! -no side by side comparison, and furthermore you are not a plant!! so how can you say this?!

    i.NeeD.A.LiGhTeR Well-Known Member

    Anyone have good results with using molasses during veg? And wouldn't it attract bugs/animals outdoors?

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