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using bud rot to make hash/oil - best/safest method?? help needed plz

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by judd77, May 21, 2010.


    judd77 Member

    hello everyone at RIU,

    quick couple of questions if you all may, i recently harvested and found some of my bud had started to develop the dreaded bud rot. i basically just chopped off the affected area and the mould didn't spread however i made sure i chopped the buds right back and as such have buds with rot which still have goodness in them. i was wondering what the best way to use this bud??

    after reading up on using it for oil extraction i'm still not sure whether making oil from it will extract any contaminates from the mould :???: i usually use butane for my oil extractions but have also used iso aswell, would it be wise to use either of these methods??

    would making ice hash maybe be best for it as this may not disturb the bud rot??

    or is using it to cook with (making cannabutter) okay??

    all help/advice appreciated :peace:

    rocksteady6 Well-Known Member

    If you cut out the rot just smoke it you girl.

    rocklee420 Member

    Yeah ppl ask to buy damaged product all the time, I got a friend that will call around to the dispensaries specifically looking for molded/seeded budz.

    judd77 Member

    haha!! :lol: no way mate, that shit fucks up your lungs and tastes rank rotten anyway :spew:

    i will be smoking the unaffected bud, it was just at the tips of two of my main colas that i want to make hash/oil from

    judd77 Member

    why would he want moulded bud rocklee??

    rocksteady6 Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that once the mould was gone its all good to go. Maybe i am wrong. Or is that what you mean...? Sorry just read it again. Do you mean using the actual bud rot for something?

    judd77 Member

    yeah rocksteady, the tips which i cut off with the bud rot through it - i was gonna just use for oil but i'v read that using solvents could extract the nasties aswell so i'm unsure whether thats true - heard and read conflicting answers regarding extraction

    rocklee420 Member

    It goes cheap, and something can always be salvaged.

    judd77 Member

    ah, i see. how does he go about salvaging the bud - just by cutting the mould out??

    judd77 Member


    has nobody ever used bud with bud rot for hash/oil/butter then guys??

    here's a pic of said weed...

    any input on this would be a great help :-?

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    sarah22 Well-Known Member

    I HAVE! :D lol

    i had a ton of bud get moldy from my last grow. make QWISO with it. QWISO is quick wash iso hash. you get isopropyl alcohol...i was using 99%. the alcohol will kill of the mold and stuff. its pretty easy to make too...you'll be able to find all kinds of tutorials. i watched some vids on youtube :)

    judd77 Member

    hi sarah22, thanks for the quick reply. good to hear of someone using it for qwiso - i'v got some 99% stuff in the cupboard that i could use. i was just unsure about using it for an extraction as i heard it might extract mould spores with the oil.

    how did your oil turn out, did it smoke the same as usual??

    sarah22 Well-Known Member

    i've only ever made iso hash with moldy bud. so i cant really compare it to iso hash with regular bud. but it was really good. the first time i smoked it...i forgot how to stand up lol. and im pretty sure that the alcohol kills the spores and toxins. or at least enough of them that you wont get sick from smoking it :)

    pennywise619 Well-Known Member

    Whats up Fam??? Damn bro, hash oil is easy to make. I have never tried to make it with rotten herb, but it's for you and us to find out, lol. Well here you go, this is what I do:


    Prep time: 15 min
    Mechanics: 10-60 min depending on quantity

    1.) I take all my scaps: stems, leaves and trimming and throw all of it into one on my curing jars.

    2.) I then take 100% isophil rubbing alcohol and pour in enough to fill at least half of the scraps.

    3.) Close lid and shake "vigorously" for 10 minutes.

    4.) Then use a cheese cloth, coffee filter or screen (to use as a strainer) what ever you got to keep all the particls out. you can squeeze out the rest, I do....

    5.) You then take a "glass" baking pan (pyrex) and then put all of your green liquid into the baking pan.

    6.) Cook on "low heat" until it begins to steam. Be carefull, as alcohol is flammable. Swishing the liquid around and not letting it boil. Once almost all of the liquid is gone you should be able to see all the residue (trichs/thc) on the bottom. Be carefull not to let liquide burn dry. Once it looks like cooking oil in consistancy your done. Let cool down and scrape up with a razor blade. Vualla!!!!!!!!!! Honey Hash Oil is made. Be carefull this shit is potent and will nock you on your ass, lol.... 1/4 of a pea size will have you lifted for a good 2 hours...... Happy Growing.....

    judd77 Member

    nice one pennywise, cheers for that :smile:

    good to know its okay to use iso for the rotten bud, gotta say i dont agree with step 3 though - i only ever let it go 30 secs max

    i think that qwiso it is for me then :peace:

    e2a: thanks for your reply sarah22 - thats what i'v been unsure of, whether the spores got killed by the iso, you'v helped put my mind at ease

    vic420 Active Member

    anymore any 1 min the iso will breakdown the plant matter.. and u end up with a dark or black iso hash.. thc is alcohol soluble.. so think of it like... sugar being water soluble ... u shake for a 30 seconds.. with half the container full.. strain... and then with the same amount of new iso.. do another shake for 30 seconds.. .. mix .. and evap.. and ull notice a huge difference.. i know a kid who uses hexane.. and gets almost brownish gold hashoil.. i just cut down my outdoors.. because of the terrible weather.. and found tons of bud rot.. i dont know what to do .. can u just dry the bud together and then cut it out or wat?

    rochie New Member

    did i watch a vid where they washed the affected colas in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide? (~2 gals with a bottle of h2o2). the guy dunked them and the rot parts just floated to the top after 2-3 minutes of agitation. Then rinse them and hang out to dry. Sounds good to me.

    gioua Well-Known Member



    LIBERTYCHICKEN Well-Known Member

    Useing 99% iso.to make hash is a bad idea

    Yes the iso will likely kill the mold, but the mold it's self is not the problem but the secondary compounds created by the mold which are usualy water soluble and likely Iso. soluble

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    The best and safest method for handling moldy buds is to throw them in the garbage and close the bag up and throw them away!

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