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Using bananas to feminize your seeds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by chrizzg2121, Oct 6, 2010.


    Auzzie07 Well-Known Member

    Anyone remember the rumor of THC-DNA-infused orange seeds? I didn't figure out that was a myth until my Sophomore year in college.

    I'm just saying, rumors DO have a way of perpetuating themselves.

    TaoWolf Active Member

    I think you are talking about the following one (I'll paste the abstract)? But again, it's showing that female gynoecious plants can be made to produce flowers (which will then produce pollen) using ethylene gas (the same result can be made using a colloidal silver spray without jumping through the hoops of using a gas like ethylene). But this is completely different from altering the genetic information of a seed. I'm having to assume this is the experiment you are referring too as I've seen it referenced along this topic before - people were also confusing the C. sativus plants used (which is a cucumber) and not C. sativa. I apologize if this is not the one you are thinking of.


    Ethylene: A Natural Regulator of Sex Expression of Cucumis melo L.
    (cucumbers/gynoecious/monoecious/perfect flowers/muskmelon)


    Departments of Biochemistry and Horticulture, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich. 48823
    Communicated by Anton Lang, January 11, 1972

    ABSTRACT Sex expression in cucumber (Cucumis
    sativus L.) and muskmelon (C. melo L.) was correlated
    with endogenous ethylene production. Plants of gynoecious
    (all female) sex types of the two species produced
    more ethylene than monoecius (male-female) plants.
    C. melo plants of a gynoecious sex type that normally
    produce only pistillate (female) flowers, when grown with
    hypobaric ventilation to facilitate removal of endogenous
    gases by diffusion, produced perfect (hermaphroditic)
    flowers. When either the plant was returned to atmospheric
    pressure or when the reduced-pressure ventilating stream
    was supplemented with ethylene, the same plants produced
    pistillate flowers. Enrichment of the atmosphere
    at either normal or reduced pressure with C02, a competitive
    inhibitor of ethylene action, also resulted in development
    of perfect flowers. Foliar application of a benzothiadiazole,
    a postulated inhibitor of ethylene action, resulted
    in formation of perfect flowers on gynoecious plants of C.
    melo and of staminate (male) flowers on gynoecious C.
    sativus. Based on these findings, it is proposed that ethylene
    is an endogenous regulator of sex expression in C.
    sativus and C. melo.


    GibbsIt89 Well-Known Member

    i found this in a grow guide, just seems like a good place to post this, any comments? or has anyone tryed this and succeeded


    It is possible to cross your favorite two female plants to create a new strain of seeds that will produce all female plants. Preferably, these two plants will be different types of plants, not from the same mothers seeds.
    This will create the best offspring, since it will not lead to inbreeding. It is easier to gauge the quality of female plants than male plants, since the smoke is more potent and easier to judge it is finer qualities. Plants from seeds created in this fashion will be all female plants since there will be no chance of male chromosomes from female parents.
    Use Gibberellic Acid on one branch of a female plant to induce male flowers. Gibberellic Acid is sold by nursery supply houses for plant breeding and hybridizing. Spray the plant once every day for 10 days with 100 ppm gibberellic acid. When the male flowers form, pollinate the flowers of your other target female plant you have selected. Just pollinate one branch unless you want lots of seeds!
    Once the branch has male flowers, cut the branch and root it in water, with glass under it to catch the male pollen when it drops. Use a rooting solution similar to the above cloning solution.Collect the pollen with a plastic bag over the branch and shake it. Use a razor blade to scrap up fallen pollen and add it to the bag too.
    It is also possible to pollinate the flowers of the plant you create the male flowers on, crossing it with itself. This is used to preserve a special plants characteristics. Cloning will also preserve the plants characteristics, but will not allow you to store seeds for use later. Crossing a plant with itself can lead to inbreeding problems, so it may not be the optimum solution in many cases.
    I once tried using Gibberellic Acid, sprayed on a healthy female, every day for over a week. No male flowers appeared on the plant. Your milage may vary.

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have heard of this and LOADS of other similar hokum.

    Total BS, of course.

    If you want to be sure of females buy feminised seeds.

    Trouble with MJ growing forums is they are populated by naive kids who have never grown anything else, so have no general horticultural knowledge, and they believe this crap and pass it on.

    OGDanimal Member

    interesting. If it would work you think someone would have written about it. Someone should +repme for wondering.

    TaoWolf Active Member

    It won't work, never has and never will. The premise is wrong and it's been tried... over and over and over.

    chrizzg2121 Member


    nog Active Member

    You could try playing old roy orbison tunes to them this might work as well.

    2d9s Well-Known Member

    wooo ooohh... hairy woman...

    Brimi Well-Known Member

    I know that Soma uses this method. He described it in a long article. So if Soma says it works i think it does. I haven't tried it just yet, but am just about to do so.

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    That a quarter pound or ounce??

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Obviously never read my comment about naive kids in post #24 above.

    TaoWolf Active Member


    Sorry I just deleted that little rant of mine... the topic really is pointless to argue about.
    Spanishfly likes this.

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Totally agree Tao. +rep

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    You can't change a seeds sex, period! Just like shoving a banana peel up your Pregnant GF's crotch won't produce a Male heir.

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    SpanishFly and I think alike.. kinda scary but at the same time kinda cool.

    The internet is filled with false information.. and it comes from brainless kids that think they have growing all figured out. The fact is though.. is that something like 70% to %80 of the material you read about growing.. from the internet.. is false. Therefore, when a noob decides they're going to try and grow a plant.. they follow this false information and end up with all kinds of problems and therefore questions. It sad, but its true.

    I mean I'm no expert by any means.. but I do know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to cannabis (but I still learn new things!). For example, take my 'Drying & Curing' article that I wrote. I myself ruined my very first three harvests when I first started growing cannabis. Well, long story short.. I got sick and tired of having harvests that turned out retarded.. and just sat down one night and put all my effort and thinking into breaking down the drying and curing process into basic, right to the point, understandable information to where even a 10 year old could understand. And not to be a dickhead or anything, but if you don't understand it after reading my article.. you should probably think about changing professions. ;)

    The article I wrote, is 100% correct and accurate. If I wasn't %100 sure of what I wrote then I surely wouldn't embarrass myself by posting it. Its as simple as it gets. ;)

    Lastly, Spanishfly.. I also have to agree with you about the little kids around here and other forums. They're young.. not only physically but mentally as well. They don't fully understand whats behind each process of a cannabis plant.. and what happens is.. is a noob will join a cannabis forum and not knowing even the most basic parts of growing, will go on and start asking "common sense and basic" questions that they should have learned the first day of doing some research. Then you'll have someone that doesn't know much more than the noob does go off and try and tell him how to do something.. but ends up being incorrect. May not even be totally incorrect.. but generally they leave out a step of the process.. simply because they didn't remember to mention in.. or they simply don't know it themselves to begin with. And so, then the noob takes in that information.. and it just becomes a "Domino Effect".

    Anyhow.. I need to take a vacation this coming spring. Thinking about checking out Spain. Not sure though as I would kinda like to visit my home country of Italy. I went to Italy during my last vacation 4 years ago.. so maybe I'll check out Spain.

    But, yeah have a good weekend people.

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    TaoWolf Active Member

    In place of the rant I deleted, I'm going to post these two links and a short explanation on why it is silly to continue on with sex determination voodoo. Read, then form your own conclusion (if so inclined).

    Definition of "dioecious."

    "A male-associated DNA sequence in a dioecious plant, Cannabis sativa L."

    As of about 1990, the argument about sex determination in regards to cannabis should have ended when chromosomal DNA sequences showed that cannabis is, without question, a dioecious plant and that their sex is determined through chromosomal expression (Xx or Xy - just like us dioecious humans).

    What that means, is that even though female cannabis plants can be environmentally manipulated to form pistillate growth in some circumstances, they are still female plants and only female seeds will result from the pollen produced from pistillate hermaphroditic growth. It also means you cannot change the sex of a seed (which is already determined by chromosomal information).

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Good post gangaluvr - +rep

    HotPhyre Well-Known Member

    So i just read threw this thread and i really dont know what to think, lol.

    This guy tried it and went from 5 out of 5 plants be male on his first grow to 4 out 4 being female!!

    Proof or just luck dont know, but found all of you people very interesting trying to describe genetics to noobs :)

    Brimi Well-Known Member

    Well i don't know if you have tried it - im not talking about using bananas but the banana shaped male flowers that form on the female plant if you leave it to flower for some ekstra weeks. Use the pollen from that male flower and you'll get all female seeds. I'm probably too old to be a naive kid buddy ;O)) - actually didn't see that they were talking about... real bananas which agreed sounds like BS.

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