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using "alaska's fish fertilizer" 5-1-1

Discussion in 'Organics' started by 808fatcloudsTWO, Nov 23, 2010.


    808fatcloudsTWO Active Member

    just stoped by homedepot & so, i grabed some fish fertilizer seeing, how it was so cheap, & higher in nitrogen than p or k so i thought it would be just perfect for me to try in my grow.. cause im in early veg.. but was wondering.. has anyone ever even used this before?... is it any good?... & if so, how much would you put/ per gallon?.. & how often should it be used?...:-P
    mushroom head

    mushroom head Well-Known Member

    I started to use it in my compost tea, but stopped once I noticed that when I added it too the tea, it would kill all the bubbles/foam that was ontop of the tea, and I didnt like that.

    Also alsaks fish fertilizer is made using a hot process which kills alot of the good stuff in it, try to find another brand of fish fertilizer that was made using a cold process.

    Next year I will be switching from alaska too another brand of fish fertilizer I can find.
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, Fish Emulsion is great stuff and contains every micronute your plant needs. It's always on my top organics list. It's strong stuff, though and shouldn't be used on babies. You should dilute it to 1-1.5tsp/gal with smaller plants and when mixing with other ferts. Large plants that need some N can handle 2tsp/gal.

    We started out using the Alaska brand but at some point they began adding deodorizers and crap so we found another brand. The best fish fertilizer is Hydrolyzed Fish. The cold hydrolyzation process preserves more nutrients and microbugs than the emulsion. Neptune's Harvest has some of the best of this stuff. There are often local manufacturers of fish ferts, at least in coastal cities. These are usually cheaper and often just as good if not better.

    GuerrillaGreenery Active Member

    Yea i use Alaska fish fert when i make my earth juice teas. Its a good nute but IMO i think it lacks a lot of important micronutrients the plants will need as they get older especially in like week 3 and beyond. I learned the hard way. I started usuing it and thats all i was using in conjunction with FFOF and sure enough micronute def came and then i jusmped on the earth juice bandwagon. now i use all EJ except the grow i use alaska instead. But i am thinking of giving the neptunes a go on my next veg run. Hope that helped. GOOD LUCK BROTHER+++
    Red Robin

    Red Robin New Member

    Highly recommen AFF it is the BOMB and I have produced very green high yielding plants using it.

    GuerrillaGreenery Active Member

    ill 2nd that!!
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    Never used, willl be looking into it!

    meezy4tw Active Member

    I use the fish emulsion and the morbloom with great results. Best buy I've found for around 7 bucks a quart.

    chewy2282 Member

    I use it alot. Ive found that for plants that are more sensetive to ferts(Like Salvia D.) Works fantastic for them. I recommend putting it in the cycle of love. I rotate threw several different organics in the process.

    hpn0tiq420 Active Member

    Yes I agree don't know why I would do without it my sativas always hate FF growbig but they love fish isht and works wonders for seedlings since u don't wanna use to much potassium which causes more males than females in seedling stage of growth info via Jorge cerventes gotta give him credit his book changed how I grow

    Higher nitrogen levels promote females but too much can kill I use 7.5 ml or 1.5 tsp for seedlings and 10-15ml or 2-3tsp for my adults never seen anything but nice healthy growth I do use superthrive with some FF big bloom to add a lil micronutes which brings the dose up another 3 ml

    And since 12 out of 14 plants are sativa don ask how since they all came from bagseed but I got 14 females out of 20 seeds and 3 turned out to be abnormal and I got rid of makes a total of 3 males out of 20 seeds back to it since I have so many sativas I would be burning everything up if I werent for Alaska fish 511

    Hope this helps everyone all I got to say is VANILLa kUSh X SWEET PURPLE go me lifted

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