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Using a DEHUMIDIFIER for drying buds:

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by rhcp4life, Apr 19, 2010.


    rhcp4life Well-Known Member

    so i have a large dehumidifier and i would like to hang my buds in my closet with the dehumidifier, seems logical...

    has anyone ever tried this?

    Leothwyn Well-Known Member

    I use one, but I live in a very humid area. If you don't have high humidity where you live, then you'll be fine with just an oscillating fan moving the air around in the room (not blowing right on them). You don't want to dry too fast.
    Puna Bud

    Puna Bud Well-Known Member

    only bust out the dehumidifier if enviornment is wet. Otherwise don't use it. YOU very well could end up with buds that turn to DUST, and that's what will happen if you use a dehumidifier when it's not necessary!

    rhcp4life Well-Known Member

    what should the humidity be when drying bud? as of now in my grow room, the RH is at 60/55% (im trying to get it down in the 40's)

    they are in flowering on day 50.. 12/12 from seed

    rhcp4life Well-Known Member

    also its digital, so i can set it to different settings stepping by 5

    and a high/ low fan speed with a timer..
    lol its like the king shit of all humidifiers

    Phncke Member

    I've used one many times and it works well. I'm not in a humid area but my old house used to be a sweltering jungle because of the lush I had going. I used mine in a 12x12 room. It would take only about 2 days to be completely dry. I was drying about 2.5 lbs at a time.

    So in short, yes it works. Just keep an eye on things.
    bud nugbong

    bud nugbong Moderator

    the drying and curing process is very important to the final smoke taste and buzz of the pot. as long as you can bring dry air in and take the moist air out you shouldnt need a dehumidifyer. pot that has been dried out right next to a dehumidy. taste like ass and burns your throat. if you wanna get weight out the door asap and dont care about the "consumer" do it up, but if you want some nice bud that taste from the heavens let it dry naturally and look up how to cure it too.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    all good comments, one more thing to check is dehumidifiers create alot of heat..ya have to keep the heat under control as high heat degrades the thc, i think you don't want to be over 78.

    rhcp4life Well-Known Member

    12/12 from seed 51 days
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    I too live in a very humid part of terra firma and use a dehumidifier to dry my bud depending on the time of year. I like to try to keep the humidity in the fifty to fifty-five percent range. With a fan moving the air around that should be low enough to keep mold at bay and high enough to allow the bud to dry slowly but not at a snails pace. I like to dry mine for five or six days, by then it feels crispy on the outside. I jar it and then take it out the next day to feel the bud. If it feels real moist again, I put the bud in a brown paper bag overnight, check the progress in the morning and if it feels dry enough again, back into the jars, if it still feels moist, back in the bag for another twelve hours. Drying and curing are essential for a nice tasty smoke. Weed takes some time for all of the thc to become psychoactive which is also part of the reason a good dry/cure is so important.
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