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urine. pure pot ash, and molasses fert. tea. i have no moneys

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Schotzky, May 8, 2010.


    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    What is the dilution factor for piss?

    1/3 of a cup per gallon seems high to me. Maybe my piss is just more concentrated.
    W Dragon

    W Dragon Well-Known Member

    alright mate i used diluted piss and it worked great i also used a little mg the cheap stuff for garden flowers until i swapped to bio bizz about a wk b4 flowering and i got about an inch a day growth and they were super healthy i was mixing 1 cup to 4liters of water nearly a gallon i think, i never used first morning pee just the stuff after that lol

    one11 Active Member

    don't forget pencil shavings, toothpaste, and pocket lint. it airates the soil so it retains more water.
    W Dragon

    W Dragon Well-Known Member

    is their a point or is it just a dickhead comment?

    FuZZyBUDz Well-Known Member

    OMG!! im not being a dickhead, but GOD D&%$ DOOD. i honestly cant belief wat im reading. YOU ARE HARDCORE +REP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i would NEVER taint my plant with urine, i turn the other way from them in the bathroom wen im pissing, :lol:
    W Dragon

    W Dragon Well-Known Member

    lol mate i don't think it's ideal but it works well if ever i had a prob with nutes i wouldn,t hesitate in using pee again my plants loved it, granted i didnt tell any1 that smoked it i had used pee but the way i look at it if theres no other way this works well enough

    Schotzky Active Member

    dude seriously, you can grow for almost free if you go truly organic with amazing results not with expensive "organic" stuff off the internet. just take all your veggie/fruit wastes, yard clippings and stuff like that and dead leaves and compost it over fall and winter and into lil bit of spring and youll have premo soil. then just make nutes out of the compost in tea form, just soak the compost in the distilled water for 3-4 days with nylon stockings from the dollar store. if they ask for some reason ive read to say your using them for paint or cheese straining. get an oxygenator from petco for 10 bucks or just stir up the compost tea but stirring will prove weaker results. the oxygenator provides o2 for the microbes to thrive which make the nutes available to the plant. or just use the earthworm castings, mollasses and bat guano and foxfarm soil for a few more dollars. thats wayyyy less that $100-150... waste of money :(

    Schotzky Active Member

    and by the way guys, they are lovin it. thriving on the stuff. im gonna put the rest on my lawn and make a new batch of the wormcastings and guano and mollasses
    i made too much of the pee mix and it smells kinda bad. but ill still pee a lil bit in the next batch for + nitrogen in veg. i recommend it lol

    HashHarrison Member

    Nice!! Well hard times every where may just have to try this concoction myself. Good job on being resourceful!!

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