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Uk cheese yield

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Johnjoshelvey, Jan 24, 2013.


    Johnjoshelvey Member

    Hi everyone can someone tell me how they rate uk cheese as a yieldier please thanks alot

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    It's all about your growing skill.

    I've grown plants indoors that are supposed to yield 50g per plant and pulled 100g per plant.

    What is the breeder of the cheese you have?

    Alot of people say they have UK cheese when in fact they have crosses of it.

    I remember uk cheese being a clone only strain.

    I have cheese currently but I don't know the breeder as its come from a friend. He averages 4.4oz per plant under 400w.

    He's asked me to grow it to see what I can pull under 400w.


    Swalker87 Member

    How does he get that sort of yield jandoman I dont suppose u want to share that information mate
    Mr. HighGuy

    Mr. HighGuy Active Member

    I only have two harvest under my belt but ALOT of failed bag seeds & veg grows but im still learning & one thing i have learned is that growing is majority on your exp & understanding of the type plants you have indica vs sativa thats why i only do indicas cause i have failed so many, i now know what & how & why thing are the way they are with the plant & i can kind of figure from there.. biggest yeild was 1 OZ off a unknown plant with a 250w & a industrial floor fan lol now i have a 400w & a industrial fan & a bit more exp lol

    Bluecheesehead Active Member

    19 and half oz. 7 in 5gal pots in coco under a 600 in a 5x6 space, no scrogging, toppin ,lst'in or anything. not personally me but a very close friend, definately above average yield and pretty simple to grow. That should give you some idea.

    Bluecheesehead Active Member

    Theres many uk cheeses jus the main one being exo, the real exo was only in cut and still is, many immitations. The uk cheese cuts around now are known as black cheese(black domina, northern lights,skunk no1x the exo cut), jus as great with improved yield.

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Very simply.

    He has a mother and takes clones. He roots them, veg'd them for 2-3weeks, tops them and flowers them.

    He uses 5L airpots, coco, canna coco nutes with Rhizotonic with PK1314.

    12 plants, 3x400w.

    Great environmental control.

    That's it.


    Swalker87 Member

    I pretty much done the same with my girls apart form veggig them for 5 weeks and lollipopped them at 3 week flowering now I got some serious nugs and there on there 5th week of flower, how can I tell if I'm guna get 4 oz plus a plant, if u come on my thread later today I'm guna get 1 of the beast out the closet and get some pics and upload the big good to hear your opinion.

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