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twisting and curling leaves, help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by cannabillion7, May 19, 2008.


    cannabillion7 Well-Known Member

    the leaves on some of my plants are twisting and curling, no color change or burn, but they just twist almost so the bottoms of the leaves are facing upwards, is this heat damage or what?

    Ecldazed Active Member

    not heat damage is there is not buring on the leaves... pics will help tho.. all i can do is give you some ideas... light to far from plant.. not enough water.. bad ph level.... any one of these could be the problem man...
    big t.a

    big t.a Active Member

    hope you get answers cause I have the same thing happening but only on the upper growing tips and the girls are 4wks into flower. I am/was also using shultz orchid. A hydro supply & grower recommened it but another has told me too much crap in it so I scrapped it and went with flora nova. I flushed last night. I also raised the lights 2 days ago. I hope someone has some insight. My thoughts are with too much humidity at nite when the fans were off and the girls were too many nites with all the carbon used from the air. Perhaps the stress from growth to flower stage also added to their stress and the gals are just being bitchy.:hump::joint: BOY was I wrong. I bought a cheap digital thermometer/humidity and found that my day temps are 90F+and humidity at 27-34%. thats something to start with. temp should be 70-80F and 40-60%humidity.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2008

    LabRat Active Member

    No not heat, likley over feeding nutes.

    Would suggest flushing and refill with clean ph balanced water.
    if it corrects then add half solution for feeding and work back up.

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    It's hard to say without pics as there are other signs to look for. Purple stems? Particularly the main stalk? From the description (which is vague at best) I would GUESS magnesium defiency. That is a guess because I don't have any more evidence to allow a real evaluation, but more than likely it's not caused by an actual lack of MG although it does happen. I don't know what you are feeding, hell I don't even know what medium you are using.

    The reason for the MG deficiency is what you need to be after. Don't try to fix it by making a rash decision. Evaluate it, eliminate all the other possibilities, and then make the correction.

    What happens a lot here is someone says "MG Deficiency" (because it is) and the grower goes out and gets epsom salts or Cal Mag (which is a good product BTW) and makes a rash choice and adds tons of MG, locking out other nutrients and causing more problems. When it was really a lockout caused by say too low of ph (my ACTUAL guess).

    So please, return with more information, don't listen to the first person to cry something out and lets try to get this corrected and get you on track. It doesn't sound drastic, sometimes leaves just twist and sometimes they curl up, so lets see what we are looking at before you DO anything.

    figtree Active Member

    Twisting leaves is from out of whack ph, if your ph drifts too far out either way up or down it will cause the leaves to twist, fix your ph and it will return to normal......dont fix it and they will all die within a couple days! i just went through it. an over nute looks like a bad overwater all the leaves droop down the only difference is the leaves get burned, depending on the strength of solution or organics.

    labrat's suggestion is what needs to be done. a good flush then i would start with 1/4 strength ph'd solution then work back up. I just got back to full strength on my nutes 2 days ago. i went from 1/8 strength back up to full strength, and they are doing fantastic. how old are your plants? whats the media?

    Cannabillion7......horticulture student? we should be asking you these questions......

    figtree Active Member

    everyone screams mg def. i look at why we get deficiencies.....nute lock out from ph out of balance is the most comon reason for deficiency. laserburn has a scientific way of dealing with this, i would take his advice and get to the bottom of it...... but keep in mind ph can cause just about all of your deficiencies, dont just think def. then add what its lacking, get to the root of the issue. more than likely its a ph swing.

    beecha Member

    thanks for interesting solutions.adjusted ph was out of range.hope to see babies recover

    Hanibal New Member

    Same thing happened to a few of my babies after a night under lights. They are about 6 weeks old and most are 2-3 foot high but two are smaller, about 18". Only the 2 small ones had twisted leaves, and just the new growth. They are mostly outdoors now but I put them under lights for about 7 hours after a cool, cloudy day. A friend said it was nutrient build up and I should flush them, but when I checked nutes were fine (about 0.6-0.8) and Ph was 6. The twisting happened 3 days ago and I did not do anything but the new growth seems fine. Maybe it was the fan not running after I turned off the lights.

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