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Turtle Poop

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Luger187, Apr 20, 2011.


    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    my friend has a turtle tank, which he scoops some water out of for feeding his girls. they are VERY healthy and look beautiful.

    im wondering if i could do this:
    get like a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, and attach an air pump. if i take a gallon of his water, then put it in my bucket, and add more water and a good amount of mollasses, would the bacteria thrive?
    i want to use this bucket to farm the bacteria, then when i need to feed, take some out and make a tea

    think it will work?

    StealthyDane Member

    Sounds kinda like what i'm doing, sans turtle poop. I'm running a continuous tea brewing with VC, bloodmeal, alphalpha and molasses.

    Whenever i take out a scoop, i replace it with fresh water, and i add a little of each ingredient now and then. You could do the same, but after a short while, your tea would be lacking Npk, but would have microbes. I say go for it, but find some nutrients to add :)

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Seems I remember something about turtle shit having some sort of nasty microbe in it.

    I don't remember where or when, some reptile forum or another from when I had snakes.

    South Texas

    South Texas Well-Known Member

    Dude, Your on the right track. #1; forget the NPK shit.... The Organics program will balance out the soil, as Mother Nature has for a million or so years. What's living in the soil is what balances out the NPK, and 1 million other things that goes with the up-keep of good soil. They just mention the basic NPK because they don't think we can remember the other 999,003 plus other things, like: IE; the 10 million different types of microbes in every tablespoon of good healthy soil. .........So, a comment of "bad microbes" in Turtle shit is ....not a good thing. Cow manure is "better" than Horse manure..... Horse manure is "better" than Cow manure. WTF? Both statements are true, in thier own method. Same as Turtle, etc. Animal Guts, 101; Cattle has 6 stomachs, Horses has one. SO... the break down of the veg matter is a LOT more extreme than that of a sloppy-butted Horse. So, in compost time... adjust. The nutritional quality of nutritional intake also is a MAJOR consideration to keep in mind. One of the most nutritional vegatative matter know to man kind is fed to Rabbits, IE; Alfalfa (Arabic for "Food of the Gods.") Add a little Aleo Vera juice to that; (Aleo Vera in Latin means; "Look at the Head on that Mother Fucker" or something like that.) Aleo "regenerates brocken and/or damaged plant tissue...." When a plant is growing like a weed,, new plant tissue is steadily forming/growing... which means that Aleo can promote faster growing/healing in the Baby. Also, when the wind streches, & bends the stems, it brusies & damages the plant tissues. This causes the plant to heal back stronger than normal, as like we break an arm, the break grows back stronger. It's called "Exercising your Plant. In that repairing it's self, the Aleo speeds up the process. So squeexing the shit out of a Rabbit while using Aleo, YOU may very well double your Yield.
    But that's not what I am here to mention. Whether it be Bee manure, Turtle or Rino manure... one thing is for certain. They will all be good if some idiot hasn't given them some chemical herb or pert-I-cide. But all good in a differnt manner..., because each intestical gut harbors different types of good bacteria & fungi... (This is key) So, mix a little shit into the game, worm to Rino, & all the shit in between. Add some "Thrive" to that, now you've got something that will break down the soil so that you Baby can feast on some very good shit.
    PS; Turtle would be awesome.... better if you feed one some fish & alge... Oh yeah, that's what they eat,... that's why it's better that a Ray Charles looking-ass Bat.

    dednbloated Well-Known Member

    hmmmm good stuff , i was thinking bout using my turtles shit and olad water on a few plants cuz my grass always is green and grows faster where i dump the stuff out!

    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    do it! my friends plants were HUGE and thats all he ever fed them

    norteno Member

    salmonella and possibly e coli.

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