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Turned In Paperwork Monday, How Long Before I Can Purchase Meds At A Dispensary?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by mattgmi, Feb 18, 2011.


    mattgmi Active Member

    Hi, I turned in my paperwork monday. When can I walk into a dispensary with my paperwork and purchase meds? I cant wait to not use the damn pills I get from the doctor, mj is so much easier and more pleasant!

    rasputin71 Well-Known Member


    NightbirdX Well-Known Member

    The legislation is very vague on this subject. Most dispensaries will not allow you to purchase or even be in the store until your 20 days has past, in which the state has 20 days to deny you. The state isn't getting to your paperwork in the 20 days that they give to deny you... They have way too many others right now and it normally takes 3-5 months for them to get to it.

    "Question: What happens to my application once I mail it? What if I don't send in all the required parts of my application?

    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1] Answer: The MMMP has 15 days to review your application to make sure it is complete and all parts are current. If your application is complete, your registry identification card will be issued within 5 days after the MMMP verifies the information on your application. If you don't send in all the required parts of your application, the application will be denied. "[/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]The only reason that the state denies the patient is if there is something wrong with their paperwork, then they will just send it back and have you fix whatever maybe wrong. It is up to the doctor's discretion to either okay or deny you.
    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Technically the legislation states that if you have the doctor's signature on the physician's certification, you are okay to buy. But most places will not allow you to buy until 20 days after to cover their own butts. Some places that I have heard of won't even allow you to buy from them unless you have received your card. But, there are places that will allow you to buy with just the signed physician's certification and an ID.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    nightbird is spot on.

    jordanlady Member

    Has to be 21 days after they cash your check. You will need a copy of your check sent to them (front and back copied), and your dr approval paper. Keep this in your vehicle with you at all times. Go to the dispensary and you show your paperwork and proof of ID. Or call the dispensary like I did to find out.
    Good Luck!

    dazerous Member

    one of my patients sent his money in 45 days ago and still not returned or cashed any ideas on that?

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    did he send registered? is it in the MMJ Dept hands atm? or if he send registered, did he get his confirmation carb of delivery back yet?

    may be lost. he sure the check hasnt been cashed?

    igalig Member

    Hey bro! Congrats on registering. If I may, I would like to recommend finding a caregiver. You will save money and keep your name out of the books. I am not a caregiver but could suggest going to www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.gov to find someone to help you. I am not affiliated with the website in any way besides being a member. Like here, there are many good members who are trying to help others. You may be able to find someone in your area that is much cheaper than your local dispensary. Just a suggestion^^

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