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Try this, its a good time...

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Majastee, Aug 29, 2009.


    Majastee Member

    Okay so i had not smoked all day and i just finished trimming my plants. While i was trimming i accidentally clipped off some bud. so i decided to cut it up with scissors instead of grinding it up and then i vaporized it at 365 F. Welllll i got pretty damn high and i was just wondering if anybody else has done this??? It also tatsed really good:leaf:

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    Majastee Member

    Johnny Retro

    Johnny Retro Well-Known Member

    Never done it before, but what strain is that. It looks oh so good..mmmmm

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    i did that like two days ago except i microwaved the weed for like 30 seconds rofl

    Majastee Member

    I have no clue what the strain is. the seeds were just bags seeds from a big ole bag of "headies"

    Majastee Member

    hahahahaha i tried that about a week ago but instead of vapin it i just smoked it in the bong and i was very dissapointed with the taste, lol wont be doin tht again
    Joe Camel

    Joe Camel Well-Known Member

    Majastee looks Like you did a good ole 12/12 from seed huh.
    I tried that before too.
    Yield just Stinks.

    But Yeah I have Vaped fresh weed. I think thats about the only way to do it so green off the plant.
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    Noooo, dont use microwaves -those are evil:fire::fire:!!!

    Just throw it in a vapo or put it under(close, very close, but not too close lol) lets say a 100 watter-30 min, and its ready.
    But fresh bud works just fine from a vapo-have done it-:weed:

    Majastee Member

    i didnt do mine from seed at 12/12. check out my gow album all the info is there. I only had a one gallon container for my soil and my nutrients sucked but i still managed to get some very nice herb
    haze, son

    haze, son Active Member

    Honestly, I would've just waited for the shit to dry. Marijuana is acidic while still wet, and isnt chemically changed over to THC/CBD until its dry. You would've been million times higher if you would've waited 5 more days.

    Majastee Member

    okay so my herb is fully dry and wow its the best ive ever smoked my friends are lining up to smoke this shit... sooo yup screw vapin wet weed, waiting for it to dry is soooooooooooo worth it

    ElMonte74 Active Member

    yeah i do it once in awhile if check mine

    i did that before it makes gives you less of a high:-(

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