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Trichome Jungle Seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by The Chemist Brothers, Nov 10, 2011.

    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    Hey, so i took a look at some of their strains (5 on attitude) and their Mantis seems like a nice indica/sativa hybrid with variation of lime/lemon flavors, anyone grown seeds from Trichome Jungle Seeds? i also was interested in their (pre 98 bubba kush x shimla) cross called Shambala kush.
  2. any kush pre98 needs to come from Subcool so you know its true heritage
    bannana man

    bannana man Member

    i dont come on here much but came across this .just google trichome jungle seeds ,or mantis f2 ocannabis has just done a lovely thread on them and many more of my strains to be found grown out .

    and the pre98 bubba kush used is the original clone and hit her up with the shimla male from sonic seeds we work together on a lot of things
    subcool talks of the shimla ,he grown out pinequeen from seed which is pineapple x shimla which he loved

    and by the way me and subcool are good buddys his jacks cleaner clone was lovely to grow and done a few of his things from seed also which are dank
    heres a vid subcool did on the shimla

    i have used the original shimla male which was used for the pinequeen
    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    thanks alot bannana man, its good to here from the man behind the scenes.
    Metal n Weed

    Metal n Weed Active Member

    Trichome Jungle is good stuff and Bman is a stand up person. He gave me a few free strains to try, my only regret is a I haven't had the time to grow more of em. Typing this right now is making me want to pop my lemon larry x smurf.

    ClosetSafe Active Member

    actually it turns out Subcool's "pre98" comes from Bubblegum x Kush

    and NOT
    Bubba Kush »»» OG Kush x {West Coast Dog x Old World Kush}

    he's mentioned not wanting to work with Chem or OG Kush based genetics.
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    JCashman Well-Known Member

    i love when the wizard comes out from behind the curtain to talk with the regular folks, its a classy move, and i wish more breeders would do it more often.

    stay classy bannana man! and thanks for the info!

    HungryHashMastr Member

    I agree its nice when these guys come on to boards and can answer questions and just give us all some inside info on how they produce their product. I actually placed an order last week on attitude to take advantage of the trichome promo. I dont have much experience still but ive been investing lots of time and money into my set up and learning more so hopefully I can give some feedback on these seeds and dont kill them with a noobie mistake again lol

    corners Well-Known Member

    Same genetics as Greenhouse Seeds, Bubblegum x Kush, if you are correct

    jdubz610 Member

    I dont know for sure but i believe TGA and Trichome Jungle got the bubba from sonic, i know that they both got pinequeen from sonic which is where the shimla pheno comes from according to subcool.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    There is plenty of people working with the true pre 98 bubba kush clone that are reputable.Ive been growing mne now for going on a year. I wouldnt mind grabbing a pack of subs bubba crosses tho..

    Im quite sure sub does not have no bubba kush clone with the genetics bubble gum x kush..I think thats just a mistake and if im not mistaken in the cherry bubba thread he said later when its released he will fix that.He got the clone from a trustworthy friend that sad it was pre 98 bubbakush..

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    Im not going to waste a bunch of time on this but your incorrect.
    I did not research the lineage I simply like this cutting better than any other Kush I have tasted that TGA brought to me to test and sample.
    I am not sure what your on about because no one really cares where it came from if I give it the stamp of approval.
    I have a shirt that says Bubba Kush on it and Bubblegum X Kush is printed on it. Sounded good to me before if and when it was to make any TGA literature TGA would research all the facts and I would decide how to label it.
    This strain is not even created yet no seeds even exist but when and if we release a strain with this as a parent it will travel through the same extensive testing procedure that all our strains do.
    You certainly have a hard on about this all over the you tube page and now here but IMO your just trying to stir up controversy
    Thats what I have to say about it

    Sub ​
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    hey just wanted to ask about your larry smurf, what kind of yield does it have. i try looking for grow/smoke reports but to no avail they're aren't enough or none all together. thanks in advance
    bannana man

    bannana man Member

    the larry smurf is a medium plant you wont be getting a gram a watt of her but 0.5 g a watt is not problem .
    there are a couple grow reports out there one is on bredbay there are some bud pics ,the other grow report was unfinished ,i gave out loads of these beans if only everyone would do a grow report ,,
    ive grown these out a few times with great results and so have my mates

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I always wanted to see what influence the smurf had on the lemon Larry.
    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    I got me some mantis and bubba mantis seeds :D

    saving them for a rainy day.... or when it start to rain again where i live

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