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Trial runs with my setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by xoshi64, Jun 21, 2013.


    xoshi64 New Member

    So I got everything all set up and currently running trials with temps and humidity and all the like.

    Right now Im using a 4(l) x 2(w) x 5 (h) tent. 600w cool tube (Ipower ballast) and Ipower filter and inline fan. The fan is supposed to have 430cfm. I have the carbon filter inline with the cooltube. It doesn't seem to sucking much even though I don't have much ducting throughout the entire system. However, the tent is being sucked inward... which I think is funny.

    My temp on the ground seems to hold at 73 degrees. The distance from bottom of hood to ground is 39.75 inches. The humidity stayed in the ok range. With the thermometer about a foot away from the bottom of the hood the temp is 86 degrees. With the humidity at 27 percent. I haven't checked temps with everything off but Im sure it should stay pretty warm and not get too cold with lights off. Im sure if did get too cold I could just throw one of my old heat lamps in when lights are off. They produce no light just heat. Excellent for reptiles.
    Green Troll

    Green Troll Active Member

    Your light is huge for that size haha. But if you can keep the temps under control, light it up! Just beware when you stick a 600w HPS in there (assuming you have a MH atm) it is going to get toasty! As for not feeling much suction, you never do via a carbon filter, but it is there. It will reduce a bit with a filter but not too much.

    The one major problem you have is your humidity (and your tent getting sucked in, but read on). Now i am going to take a wild guess that you are testing this without having your plants in there. If that is the case, your humidity should rise quite a bit. If not, and that is the reading you are getting with your plants in there and the system fully running, you need to humidify that box and fast. Your humidity is optimal at around 50%, and should never get below 40%. While vegging, your humidity can rarely get too high, however while flowering, naturally your humidity rises and you want to keep that below 55-60% to avoid bud mould.

    Buy a small humidifier if it is still pretty low, and put it the opposite corner to where your carbon filter is. This way the mist will get sucked across your plants. Keep it on and monitor the RH every half hour for a few hours. If it starts to get too high, put it on a timer to go on and off every 15 minutes. Then monitor that, and adjust the timer giving longer periods of switching off to find the "sweet spot" where your RH is what you want.

    Keep us updated man, that much light in a tiny box should produce some intense buds! Just make sure everything else is just as abundant, as your plants will grow only as well as it's weakest supply.

    Sounds like your air exchange is high enough, however don't let your tent get "sucked in". It means your fan is struggling and will eventually break it. Open up all your vents and let the tent take its natural shape. Just remember if your tent is concave, the mylar lining isn't doing its job properly, as the bottom half isn't getting as much light.

    So keep those babies well fed, and flower fairly early, as they will grow 3 times as fast in flowering compared to vegging and will stretch for the light. This might be a good time to look at ScrOG (Screen Of Green). Your setup sounds perfect for it.

    PuffPuffPassBitch Member

    the reason your tent is getting sucked in is negative air pressure get a speed controller and turn it down a bit if your fan can be or put anther fan that brings air in and that should go away i think or thats what i have been told why that happens

    xoshi64 New Member

    I dont have any plants in yet. Just wanna make sure the environment is suitable for growing first. Yeah it definantly seems small on the inside. I have a bigger tent but i didnt want to set it up just yet. Also thank you for the advice. I got a speed controller and vents on the bottom. Im sure those will alsodo the trick. Just thinking of any potential issues now before i start growing i guess.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    You really want to get the negative pressure issue worked out. Plants don't do as well in my experience. If you're paranoid about odor use the very least amount you can. Control it with a real intake fan in a tent.

    xoshi64 New Member

    Opened vents and fan turned down seems to be the fix. Is there anything else i should be looking for?

    Still some suction on the doors but nowhere nearly as bad as before with vents open. Temp on ground sits at 77 and at a foot away its 88 degrees. I'm sure even closer would prove to get a little warmer maybe not by much. Strange how it can still hold that same temp even tho so many any other variables have changed, with it being that close to the light.

    xoshi64 New Member

    I guess I must be good to go!

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    As strange as it seems, air is as lazy as water. Depending on how the dynamics of the area effect circulation, you can have "dead" spots and stratification. Make sure you have good internal air circulation to combat this. ( oscillating fan ).

    Peace and Great Grows

    Green Troll

    Green Troll Active Member

    Damn lazy air. GET A JOB! :mrgreen:

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