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Transplanting into super soil late in veg, adviseable?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by dmbdutch, Aug 25, 2013.


    dmbdutch Member

    Hey all, thanks for reading. I've got some Tahoe OG that, because I'm a stupid lazy stoner who had no idea that SS was available locally in bags, I started in a 1:1:1 perlite:E.W.C:harvest moon mix with decent sized "spikes" of dry nutrients mixed up following "The Revs" "True Living Organics" recipes. I started them in 7 gallon containers 77 days ago (really). Long story short the mix is super short on magnesium and rather than spending the next three months trying to keep them alive I'd kind of like them to, y'know, thrive so I'm thinking I'll x-plant them into some 10s with some super soil.

    My concern, though, is that, with only another 3 to 5 weeks of veg max, 2 weeks min, the SS will have too much nitrogen and it'll just fuck e'rything up. I figured the folks here would know a whole lot more than me so rather than try and figure it out and risk wrecking a few months of hard work and hope I'd just go ahead and ask.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    That's about the time u wanna pot up into SS, most people pot up into SS a few weeks before flower, but take out all the other soil from around the root ball if u can and then pot into SS, u don't wanna add SS tO all the dry nutes u have just used.

    that TLO book is good in some aspects but spiking etc is just a bullshit gimmick, I personally think having areas of extremely hot soil is not a good idea and is better to have the nutes throughout the soil instead of patches. When I read that it made me laugh, he just tried to invent some bullshit to make his book seem special and unique.
    spiking is just for lazy people that can't be assed to mix a soil mix together properly!

    also if ur getting a few weeks from harvest and u haven't started to see a fade, just run lots of water through the pots and it will flush a lotof the nutes.

    NorStar Member

    Your good to go, your girls will love that nitrogen as they stretch out.

    dmbdutch Member

    Yea....pretty much...the Tahoe OG honestly aren't doing all that bad aside from the mag thing, and until that they were in great shape. Idk why but I can't seem to get the lights within 3 feet of them without serious mag troubles up top though, and the Grape Ape is absolutely furious, I almost don't want to grow them out but hopefully they'll recover when the SS goes in. They look like New England trees in the fall they're so yellowed up and they're 1/4 the size of the Tahoe, looks like zinc, mag and nitro issues......i gave up on them a while ago but they don't take up much space so I'm keeping them around in case they change their minds.

    Thanks for the input.

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