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Transplanting from one pot to another, best time?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Mr.Buds, Nov 12, 2011.


    Mr.Buds Well-Known Member

    I was wondering what the best conditions would be to transplant my babies to their new home? I've heard to move them from pot to pot only in the dark?

    kush714 Active Member

    doesnt really matter i dont think, i alwayz use a rooting powder to help the transplant. I have good results with great white products.

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    roots grow at night, so the best time to transplant is right before bedtime. And also, let the soil be dry, it is wayyy easier to get out of the pot. I like to mess with all the roots on the outside of the root ball when transplanting so that it starts growing into the newly potted soil almost immediately.

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    or let the soil be on the drier side..

    canefan Well-Known Member

    The age old question of soil conditions before transplant. This will be determined more by what you want to accomplish from the step up than a hard and fast rule. First, daytime or nighttime is immaterial. For ease of removing the plant from the pot drier soil is the easiest, especially if you are newer to doing this. The drawback is if you want to work the roots, the drier the soil the more damage possible when scaring the roots. Wet soil is great if you plan on bare rooting your plant into the new container. When you are comfortable with transplanting this method gives you some great advantages over just sticking a plant into the new container.
    When transplanting the roots should be disturbed, scared or something similiar to promote new root growth and to expand into the new container. Dry soil a knife run down the sides of the soil will do this. You need several days for the plant to fully recover in some instances and in other the plant will show no signs of stress from this. The disadvantage of the dry soil here is that the soil in the original container will not totally meld with the new. Bare rooting the transplant will give you great root growth faster, the soil is all together as one unit, important if you are an outside grower with wind issues. I say this but it really takes some practice to do this method the first few times but then becomes second nature.
    So in essence the best time to transplant is when your roots come out of the bottom of the container to ensure it holds the soil properly, no specific time of day really although early morning I find makes for the healthiest transplant. IMHO this is because the roots have just finished their cycle of growth and the plant is fully charged for the day.
    Good Luck

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    It's a bitch trying to transplant in the dark. LOL

    Listen to @canefan, that advice is spot on.


    SmokingLoud Member

    I never heard of only transplanting in the dark. Make sure you don't just pull them up buy their stems, pull the soil up around their roots and transplant into your larger pots. Hope I helped :shock:

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    not in the dark just before sleeping because plants grow roots at night. come on guys.

    Mr.Buds Well-Known Member

    They were coming from rockwool, just baby clones, so I didn't have dry soil to work with. I transplanted in the light and sadly I kept them awake after transplanting them for about 26 hours. But it makes sense to transplant them right before bedtime, since the growth does take place during sleep time. This helped alot guys, thanks. Next time I'll be ahead of my game right from the start.

    anotherdaymusic Well-Known Member

    ah my b dudes. yeah, thats a lil different.

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