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Tramadol AN 627 Pill.. Will It get me Going?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Nice Ol Bud, Jul 11, 2011.


    MegaBudz97 Member

    of course u dont get high off em if your on them everyday, and its a synthetic opiate anyways, u get an okay buzz off three of the 50s but plan on sleeping for at least 14 hours.....

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    Only took em once..was given them by my dad,was having a bad break up with a girl and couldn't sleep...can't say much other than I slept a few hours..never felt a thing...

    canndo Well-Known Member

    tramadol is a waste of gastric juice.

    skunky33 Active Member

    Tramadol is not an opiate. It does however in many people act as an anti-depressant and give you energy, plus a slight opiate like high. They're now considered a narcotic by law enforcement. Don't get hooked to them or you'll be mentally and physically screwed for weeks, seriously.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Tramadol/Ultram 50 mg's are worth 50 cents each on the street so selling them to get you by till next harvest aint gonna get you far unless you got a hankerin for a snickers bar , on the get high side they are 100% useless , they are most commonly prescribed for low pain scale dull aching pain like a sore toe or other minor shit , it's also used in vetrinary medicine for dogs with old age pain issues .

    Tramadol works for mild pain mainly due to it releasing high amounts of natural serotonin allready in our body's , it's other use is to help with break thru pain in cronic long term high pain scale patients like myself , the release of seratonin from the tramadol acts as a binding agent with heavy opiates like oxycontin & morphine & allows the true opiates to enter other receptors meant only for U-opiades , thus acting as an opiate booster of sorts , for that purpose they work fantastic with the effect of making the opiate taken to last longer & with more punch .

    Poneill76 New Member

    Hey buddy you said a few things in a thread a while back that I have just come across. I wanted to run a few things by you or maybe pick your brain a bit. If you have a moment I need to get this message please feel free to get back to me if for some reason you can't get back to me on this account my email address is poneill76 at gmail.com. I completely understand your anonymity on this subject I on the other hand have nothing to hide from anybody at this point I have gone so low that I had to admit to everybody that I care about what I've done, why and for how long because I have so much wreckage at this point it had just gotten completely umanageable. You seem to have a head on your shoulders and know a lot about our situation that I myself have been battling for a very long time I look forward to speaking with you please get back to me ASAP.
    thank you,


    Aimmo New Member

    Wow! Your story sounds similar to mine. 20 years ago I took an Ultram & I liked the energy it gave me. Within a year I moved up & up until I was taking 6 of the 80mg Oxicotins, a Fentinol patch, 10-16 Ultrams, Percs, Ambiens, Somas everyday. I spent over 10 years living hell on earth. I ended up divorcing my husband & losing my house. I just want you to know that you can still stop. For me the ONLY way was with Suboxone which I'm still on.I will be on it forever but I feel good on it & can live a "normal" life. It was not easy stopping all the pills. I almost died Idk how many times but I did it. Do whatever it takes so you can feel good about yourself. I had to move out of state to get away from it all. My body won't make enough Endorphins after so many years on Opiates & I do have back problems. Sometimes I can barely walk but the Suboxone helps my pain. Some say it doesn't, blah, blah, blah, it makes the pain bearable. Without Suboxone I would never have been able to get off everything else. I have THE WORST withdrawals!!! 1 more thing: I got headaches & nauseous when I first started on sub's but that went away after a month or so. Im so glad I stuck with it! I wish you all the best & hopefully you or someone gets something from my this. Good luck

    rob333 Well-Known Member

    hahaha tremadole they wont do shit i have eating many of them with no high

    rob333 Well-Known Member

    get more of a buzz from 60mg of otc codein

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    If you studied chemistry or pharma,you'd realize none of this is relative to a non opiate opioid...
    Ambient is neither btw.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I really enjoy tramadol, 50-75mg gives me a great day, and yea i do feel that blanket but 100mg gets me going good, i dont have a huge opiate tolerance anymore.also i like its long half life, i can take em before work and im good all day.
    Tramadol and dilaudid have a permanent spot in my cabinet of goodies

    CurriedKraut Member

    Agreed, one of my favorites too - but it's not an opiate and isn't nearly as intense as one. I find that if I take a couple 50mg pills up front and another 50mg pill every hour or two (up to a max of 6 in a day), I have a sustained, somewhat euphoric effect. There is also a perma-boner effect to be aware of if you're a dude. I used to take a lot more at once when I was younger, but I'm much more cautious now...I try to get high in a sustainable way these days.
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    Patricio New Member

    Im no doctor, but have taken Tramadol many times recreationally (mostly on probation) and can guarantee you that Tramadol will get you high. I would start with 3 or 4. At that dose you should not have anything to worry about - seizure/OD wise since many people are perscribed similar doses. The initial feeling is a little strange and will make you feel loopy/dreamy, but after that you will start to experience a calm, laid back opiate-LIKE "high". I have taken up to 9 at once and have nodded out completely as If I took opiates (Tramadol is not an opiate, but still affects the same receptors, mimicking the real deal). I am definitely not advising anyone to take 9, just explaning that I have gotten high off them, even enjoyably high. Many people, even in the forum, have stated that Tramadol will not get you high and it wont at low doses, but at higher ones that changes. So remember guys, always take twice what your doc perscribes you! Haha, joking.

    Desr Well-Known Member

    says every generation ever.

    radrolley Well-Known Member

    tramadol or ultram is basically an opioid and anti depressant (SSRI) combination. i've never done it but imo they are not very good to abuse and more used by kids or desperate people that cannot get other opiates. i heard they are also big in the prison system or at least used to be. they used to be considered non narcotic and i dont think was even a controlled substance. i actually get them like candy from the vet for dogs. i notice they do really help dogs in low doses for pain or when moderate sedation may be needed. i really dont even know many people that would even want to abuse it. your best bet if you want to get fucked up from opiates is something like morphine or oxycontin. recommend to get it legally because they really crack down on that stuff these days. pain clinics love giving those drugs especially suboxone or methadone. it's all very dangerous and can be easy to overdose. a lot of these people that take high doses have a high tolerance. always go with pills over street drugs though. that way you at least know it's clean and how much of the actual drug you are taking. always get a prescription so you cannot get busted i say if your gonna do it. most ppl should stay away from the shit. it's sick what people turn into when they choose to abuse opiates to the point of destroying their body.

    Iamsammmy New Member

    I get high off one pill.. Tramadols da shit
    Jonathon Michael

    Jonathon Michael New Member

    I POOTED!!!.... he

    Panda_Mom23 New Member

    I've been taking different types of tramidol since I was probably 10. Honestly the "high" feeling you want depends on the amount you take as well as your tolerance of prescription medications. I didn't realize the dosage amount was 400-600mg a day. . . Cause at this point I take like 20 pills to get that good feeling. . . That's 1,000mg right there. XD But anyways. . . Yes, its can sometimes give you those "high" good vibes feelings if you take a certain amount. Nights like that where I ended up taking 20, I didn't realize I was going to but it was like 3 every 30 minutes for about 2 hours and then 8 during that 3rd hour before I went to sleep. lol So it all depends on amount, tolerance, and your own body/mind. :) Just be careful.

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