Tramadol AN 627 Pill.. Will It get me Going?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Nice Ol Bud, Jul 11, 2011.


    MegaBudz97 Member

    of course u dont get high off em if your on them everyday, and its a synthetic opiate anyways, u get an okay buzz off three of the 50s but plan on sleeping for at least 14 hours.....

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    Only took em once..was given them by my dad,was having a bad break up with a girl and couldn't sleep...can't say much other than I slept a few hours..never felt a thing...

    canndo Well-Known Member

    tramadol is a waste of gastric juice.

    skunky33 Active Member

    Tramadol is not an opiate. It does however in many people act as an anti-depressant and give you energy, plus a slight opiate like high. They're now considered a narcotic by law enforcement. Don't get hooked to them or you'll be mentally and physically screwed for weeks, seriously.

    panhead Moderator

    Tramadol/Ultram 50 mg's are worth 50 cents each on the street so selling them to get you by till next harvest aint gonna get you far unless you got a hankerin for a snickers bar , on the get high side they are 100% useless , they are most commonly prescribed for low pain scale dull aching pain like a sore toe or other minor shit , it's also used in vetrinary medicine for dogs with old age pain issues .

    Tramadol works for mild pain mainly due to it releasing high amounts of natural serotonin allready in our body's , it's other use is to help with break thru pain in cronic long term high pain scale patients like myself , the release of seratonin from the tramadol acts as a binding agent with heavy opiates like oxycontin & morphine & allows the true opiates to enter other receptors meant only for U-opiades , thus acting as an opiate booster of sorts , for that purpose they work fantastic with the effect of making the opiate taken to last longer & with more punch .

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