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Toxic salt build-up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by tdent420, Jan 12, 2008.


    tdent420 Well-Known Member

    What exactly does toxic salt build-up look like?
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Hi dent

    How does it manifest in the plant? or what does it look like in your hydro system?

    The plant will start to die... It will shrivel and twist and get ugly necrotic spots...

    the reservoir will actually have SALT built up on it...

    Do you think you have this issue?

    Were you mixing nutrients without mixing them first in water?


    tdent420 Well-Known Member

    I am not using a hydro set-up. I'm using store bought soil of a brand called thunderhead, locally made and full of micronutrients.
    As for how the problem is manifesting in the plant, the bottom leaves yellow, then get burnt spots at the tips.
    here are some pictures.

    this is the bottom of the plant.

    heres a close up of the tip of one of the bottom leaves


    and a picture of a leaf tip about mid-way up the plant. (with the grow bible in the bottom right hand corner!)


    heavenlysmoke New Member

    could be a nitrogen deficiencie or if your plants nearly done flowering then its completely normal!

    tdent420 Well-Known Member

    They've got about three weeks left of flowering, i did lower the nitrogen a bit, to make the buds swell but it seems i should up the dosage.

    chinawas Well-Known Member

    I am having that same problem and im still in the veg cycle. I have had some input on my pics and have read that it is salt build up. I would give them a good flush.

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