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Toxic Blue

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Skinflute, Aug 21, 2008.


    Skinflute Well-Known Member

    60% indica/40%sativa
    Blue Kronic x Killian
    Flowering time:
    8-9 weeks
    Toxic Blue is the results of crossing a female Blue Kronic to a male Killian. Blue Kronic is a very stoney indica we produced by using a Bluemoonshine x Killa queen female for flavor and a G-13/Black widow x Firecracker male to bulk up the yields.
    The Killian father is my Killa queen crossed to a male NYCDiesel. Killian has a strong sativa dom stone with a sweet manderine/grapefruit flavor.
    The resulting Toxic Blue is an excellent yielder with berry tasting buds and a strong balanced stone. She's great for SOG but if mold might be a problem you should top and leave 4-6 branches. Left untopped she gets a long main cola with fairly dense buds but not rock hard. )

    (not linked from another site)

    Doesn't that just make your mouth water. :mrgreen:
    A friend gave me 4 clones of Toxic Blue and 4 clones of White Widow, I just started flowering this past Sunday. So I am counting the weeks till harvest.

    Does anyone have more info or experience with this Toxic blue strain.?



    Skinflute Well-Known Member

    Nobody has tried Toxic Blue???
    How bout Blue Kronic or Killian

    WoodChuk Member

    I love Toxic Blue. It's definitely my favorite strain. It tastes very fruity and smokes very smooth. The high is full body (Like you literally feel it from head to toe). The bud is full of trichomes, so a nice one-hit wonder. I would definitely recommend it to anybody.:clap::clap::clap:
    tree king

    tree king Well-Known Member

    any more opinions? theres not alot of info on this strain

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