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Total PPM?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by tonyromo, Feb 12, 2009.


    tonyromo Well-Known Member

    Do you take the total with the water values or do you say like 300 ppm for clones so if water was 250 them 550 for clones after nutes??

    Lokes Active Member

    It would be the 550.

    Xan2 Well-Known Member

    No the ppm of the water is included in the total. If your water is 200ppm then you add 300 to get 500ppm...

    But for clones 500ppm should be just fine.

    HomeGrownHairy Well-Known Member

    Yeah. You add the ppm of the water to the ppm of whatever your adding for a total ppm. So if your meter reads 500 and your water is 200, you have 300 in whatever you've added. (NOTE> ppm also shows up as salt buildup, etc. if you didn't flush.) Dont forget to pH after you add stuff to your mix and before you dump it into your tank...

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