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Topping, Pruning and Bending Marijuana Plants

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bubonicchronic, Aug 25, 2007.


    bubonicchronic Well-Known Member

    Pruning Marijuana- Pruning is the removal of unwanted, often dead foliage. Pruning away old yellowing leaves helps to preserve the health of the garden. Never remove healthy leaves. Pruning marijuana is also done to concentrate growth into certain favored areas of the plant. Pruning is done in some cases to prevent the spread of disease. Any removal of foliage or branches will slow growth for a few days while the plant recovers. Try to snip or cut when pruning. Over-pruning leads to plant shock leading to all kinds of problems such as stunted growth and/or death.
    Topping Marijuana- Topping a plant refers to cutting off the top shoot(s) of cannabis plants. You can pinch, clip or snip off the tallest shoots or the freshest shoots. Cut the branch stem just below the last fully developed node,. The plant starts developing branches at the remaining nodes. This is a good techniques to keep a plant short and bushy. Or you can develop many top colas instead of just one. Don't top a plant more than twice and never top when it is in the flowering stage. Bending Marijuana - Carefully pull down the branches of your cannabis plant, or the whole plant, tye them down. You are now forcing them to grow horizontally. Tthe nodes will start producing branches or buds that grow straight up. Bending should be done gradually to avoid pinching or snapping the stem. Use soft hemp string or cloth to secure the branch or stem loosely when tying down to minimize damage to the soft stems. Growth is slowed for awhile as the cannabis plant adjusts to the shock of being bent. This is a good technique to maximize space in a small grow room.

    LAstoner Active Member


    Smoke2Live420 New Member


    LAstoner Active Member

    from what someone on here told me, its better to do it when it gets 3-5 nodes, but you can do anytime in veg i think. and not just once. it should have new growth in a week or two.

    Smoke2Live420 New Member

    well the one plant i did it too has 3 nodes but ithey are close together and isnt very tall.. that one is about 5 inches and skinny stems (big enough to stand straight up by it self) its lookin nice but i hope it grows taller n doesnt stop the growth

    wutter Well-Known Member

    I can show you pictures of my little plant topped and after

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    hayden2222 Active Member


    ur pics are impressive! are you growing out doors?

    also on your topped picture i notice that you had another set of 2 leaves developing at the node where the single leflets are at the bottom!? is this as you are flowering!? if not how did you do it!? really want rid of my lower single leaves and more to develop but how!?


    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    it depends on how tall you want your plants, and a month into vegging it is fine for topping w/o any (or barely any) pruning and lotsa light, i havent found hardly any problems that cant be solved by flushing the soil and/or lights on 24 hrs and a good fan to strengthen stem

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I'm a little lost as to why you created this post. It appears you cut and pasted info nobody actually asked for, not asking a question or adding a thing to what you copied. Did you need confirmation or are you questioning something or just trying to be helpful?

    Being helpful is great, but this same info is all over the place at every site, every book, every video, every growing fag. Might help people more by just telling them where to get all this info first hand.

    phattboi Member

    Hey all! Is too late to top my fast growing (about 1" per day) plant if its the 2nd day into 12/12? I fear I may run out of room before it finishes growing/budding.


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