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Topping late in veg

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by BeantownBotany, Jun 30, 2011.


    BeantownBotany Member

    My plants have exploded their growth in the last few days, I swear they've grown almost a foot since last weekend. Its barely July and they won't even begin flowering for a few weeks. If they are around four feet in height now, I can imagine they will put on a few more feet during flowering, am I going to end up with ten foot plants here? I was hoping to keep the height to a minimum, so I was thinking about topping all of my plants one more time and taking a foot or so off the top of each cola. I have topped and trained them all before, so they each have anywhere from 2-8 main colas already. I don't mind slowing their growth, as they have grown enough and I'm ready for them to flower already.

    So in your experience, will topping this late into their vegetative growth give me the desired results I'm looking for (less height, more fat colas) or am I going to end up with a bunch of miniature colas with far less yield?

    klmt Well-Known Member

    hmm interesting, i would be interested in the answer to this as well because i am kind of in the same situation

    Kyrue Active Member

    you can top a week before flowering. go for it.
    bob harris

    bob harris New Member

    Shouldn't hurt anything at all....sometimes I'll even top growing shoots after the lights are switched.

    if the idea is to keep the plant low and bushy..you'll can have tons of "colas". Granted, they won't be monsters. But total weight will probably be better than tall plants with monster colas, but second and third tier "popcorn"

    Take a peek at this little bush...

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