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topping during flowering

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by ugly, Mar 4, 2007.


    ugly Active Member

    Can you top a plant while its flowering...or is it better to do during veg? Thanks.

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    umm Something i have never tried, correct me if im wrong but i dont think it is too wise.
    so yeah its best to do it during veg.
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    diagnostic Active Member

    i never read, or heard anything solid about this either. so im doing my own testing.
    I have 2 plants, same height, same strain, same light,soil,nutes,temp, ect...
    there 5 weeks in flowering, and i top'd one of 'em 2 days ago.
    in 4 weeks, il have the final results.

    FallenHero Guest

    eek, you don't want to top a plant in flowering, esp 5 weeks. it will not try to grow this back...

    you want to top it in veg, and if not veg, within the first week of flowering, before or right as it starts it's flower growth spurt. which usually begins and ends within the first 2-3 weeks.
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    Jimmy Johnston

    Jimmy Johnston Well-Known Member

    widow maker tops his ladies 1 week into flowering. i dont know if he still does or not cuz someone was hounding him bout it.

    UserFriendly New Member

    not a good idea to top, but you can bend it over/tie it down.

    Seedlessone Well-Known Member

    Why would you top your plant at 5weeks into flowering? You know plants do stop growing middle of flowering right? So why would you top? That just did nothing except make you plant focus on repairing the damage rather than producing bud. So in short your experiment just hurt you yield...But now you know...good luck to you....

    And for everyone else....not a smart idea to top during flowering. you want your plant focusing on producing bud, not repairing itself. Plus I could see females turned hermmie b/c of stress....
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    Godkas Well-Known Member

    Like a russian whore -lmao
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    Seedlessone Well-Known Member

    Very good suggestion and the ONLY thing that should be done during flowering to help with vertical growth restraints.

    KBkiller42 Well-Known Member

    I topped mine during first week of flowering
    I will see the result in a week or so

    ancap Active Member

    Please post your follow ups if you've indicated you are trying something. It helps others like me who are reading this later! :)

    Mitsuomi Active Member

    I have tried topping during the 1st week and the 2nd week of flowering, I tried different methods ranging from simply pinching the growth at the alternating internode to actually cutting between two internodes, neither worked and cost yield...the only time I have successfully topped a plant was early in the veg state, usually after the 6-8th internodes have formed and then you just need to pinch the new growth right off the top leaving a small circle where the leaves were coming out, eventually two sprouts pop out and continue on...any later or other way has been unsuccessful for me.

    redwolf666 Active Member

    i have topped as far as i am on my grow, what i now know to be a male had been topped at least once every week as well as trimming off the fan leaves that were getting less light and were least useful in the last 2 weeks (i know that they are all useful) . it was lstd at 4 main stems each identical to the other,if he was a she i would have had a krazy yield :bigjoint: check out my journal

    thealanscott Member

    I topped a branch on my sour diesel and one on my biodiesel. Both done about week 4 of flowering and as of now they both look great. I'm really tempted to top a few more but I'm leaving the experiment to a single branch each. I will definitely repost with results around october.

    ganjalad Member

    What are the results and how far through flowering where you?

    newbie9 Active Member

    top mine just befor preflowering for me it was 36 days. now i shall see what happens.. Shes short but they grow 3 times as soon as it hits 11/13 or 12/12. So i am expecting good microgrow results.. if anyone is still interested and for future generations ill post pics somewhere of my results..

    beecee Member

    i accidentally topped a plant or i guess you could say i poorly super cropped one of my plants that lead to topping as the whole thing fell off. this plant is now my best plant and has 2 large colas and 1 very large cola. i will be topping every plant from now on as it is noticeably producing more than her sisters.

    dustbunny Member

    here here! just did this because (idiot) I had allowed my BIGGEST plant all sorts of room and love and it ended up (male!) throwing pollen all over the damn room!
    (yeah, i know) - but I'm bumping this because I got ride of the main cola in the center of the plant (yeah, i know) and there's a gaping hole there, but surrounded by like a million new thriving flowers....i've done this with chrysanthemums and ended up with like "multiflora" plants...bigger, more blooms. i'm a supernewbe here but have been backyard garden ing for (gulp) a long time...anyhoo...bump. I wanna see what folks' results have been and why all (seeming) advice is to the contrary (that's what I've been able to gather...super cropping does NOT mean cut the center stalk out...!) - so I may have been an idiot but thought the first, biggest flower (center) would be the most likely to have been pollenated (since most of the others were just beginning to bud when i banished the boy) - and am praying i saved the girl from going into early seed.... love it here btw - think this is my first post :-)

    feminizedmutt New Member

    you should top before the third week of flower, and you should try and root the cutting.

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    I have never once heard or read of not a single benefit of topping once flowering has begun (visable bud sites). The point of topping is to create more bud sites. Topping once flower has begun is doing nothing but removing bud sites. This is unneeded stress and will certainly affect your yield.
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