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Top of my stem is turning brown HELP!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by kronica420, Jul 25, 2009.


    kronica420 Active Member

    my plant is 4 weeks old and yesterday i noticed the top of the stem and a couple branches are turning brown but the leaves are still green. what is this? i know its not my lights either. could this be because i transplanted it yesterday? how do i fix this?

    kronica420 Active Member

    bump! any suggestions?

    ryanp1 Active Member

    easy friend your in soil they dont die overnight it is weed and a very flexible plant to grow. give it time transplants and shit like that take tolls she is prolly got a little shock goin on from the transplant give it time upto a week for all the things you have done to take affect in soil it happens much slower than hydro also things fix themselves slower just hang on and watch it close to see is it worse or better...

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    I suggest you put up a picture. We need a picture to help, otherwise would just be guessing. I have no idea what you consider to be "the top of the stem" either. Is that the top of the plant? is that the upper stalk BELOW the top of the plant. IDK?
    As long as the leaves are green, you should be fine.
    OK, here's my guess lol.
    Leaf stems and main stalks sometimes turn redish, or purpleish, or brownish. this is usually NOT a problem and is just a trait of the particular strain. Red, and purple colors can also indicate a P def.
    Good luck.

    kronica420 Active Member

    The upper stalk below the top of the plant is what is turning brown and some of the leaves have yellow brownish tips but not too bad. heres a pic, its real droopy lookin too. You cant tell by the pics that the stem is brown though.

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    kronica420 Active Member

    bump! help

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Try not to stress. I know it's hard but you have to relax. I cannot see anything that looks like a serious problem. Go through and rule out problems, i.e. over/under watering, pH, bugs etc. It could be a little bit of transplant shock so I would sit back and watch them carefully for the next few days. If it doesn't get any worse you're probably o.k. Just remember that doing too much will screw up a plant quicker than not doing anything. Good luck my friend.

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Very true and well stated. I dont see anything to worry about at all.:peace:

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    i agree with them, take it easy. it looks good to me. werent you the one who planted some OG kush seeds they found? you mentioned finding out it was sativa, i think its indica/sativa hybred. plant looks decent, dispite your worries. what wat cfls do you have/ are you getting tonight? you might be trying to save energy by moving it from outside to inside under cfls, but i would just pick one and leave it there.

    that dried up tip you pointed out may need to be sniped off because its not going to grow back and it could spread

    i think ive heard of plants drooping before lights off. its wierd how they know huh?

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