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Top 10 Most Potent Strains!!!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by lauderdaleboi01, Apr 22, 2009.


    lauderdaleboi01 Active Member

    My last grow of 2 female big buds were decent, but I need a strain that is more potent and a seed-bank that is more reliable for my next grow that im starting soon. What are the top 5 most potent strains in order either Sativa or Indica? Also which seed-banks carry these quality strains?:weed:
    Tha Dope man187

    Tha Dope man187 Active Member

    me too im just a beginner at growing harvested 2 outdoor grows, but deff wanna no! white widow prob one o the best

    olylifter420 Well-Known Member

    white widow

    kings kush

    sour diesel


    buddahs passion
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    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    REAL alaskan thunderfuck was defintely the most potent strain around back in the 90s, but don't imagine you'll ever see it as the breeder only sold bud and never passed any seeds, cuttings or even it's recipe along. matanuska thunderfuck is a totally unrelated strain just like several big buds that are just cashing in on a name

    heroana is considered to be "the" most potent strain you can get according to the THC numbers i've seen that go up to or even 30%

    AK-47 might not measure with the absolute highest THC level, but there's a reason it's known as "the one hit wonder"

    G-13 is a strain bred for potency and famous for it, but like thundurfuck & big bud, what's called G-13 isn't necessarily that from what i've read and there's still much debate about not only it's origins, but whether it ever even actually existed

    on the sativa front, i'd say high quality seeds' haze x skunk isn't going to be embarrased by any of the above strains for potency as this one has a potent HIGH where the others are all stoner bud. there might be even more potent haze (or cheese) skunks (or thais) but it's the best indoor buzz i've ever smoked and even more potent than the best i've ever smoked, columbian gold. what it lacks in sensual trippiness, especially visuals & light floating feelings, it makes up for with euphoric motivation and a buzz that lasts hours that you can STILL feel the next day and that eventually starts building in your system. it's a strain you DO NOT want to overdo like most potent IBLs as it will give you the dreaded room spinning effect. to me, THC profile is more important than absolute potency and HxS has BOTH qualities in ample abundance. the most potent buzz is no fun if all it does is put you to sleep. HxS keeps you going and focused. it helped me quit drinking a 6 pack a night cold turkey as well as got me dieting unintentionally at first by just ignoring my hunger pangs, but then by staying on a mostly carbs diet once i realized i was losing weight. there are probably even better IBL leaning strains out there, but i haven't tried them yet and any strain that gets you high and is even more potent than columbian gold is anything but shabby. i'll stand by my naming it as a 100% connoisseur pot snob pleasing strain. i don't know that it has a ceiling either. where eventually i'd go on vacation from smoking gold after a month or so when it's buzz degraded to stony from a tolerance buildup, haze skunk was still building up in my system and leaving me with a 24/7 mild perma buzz after a month. it's worth the 12 or so weeks needed to finish and puts the haze i tried to shame in potency and trippiness if not having it's delicious grapey flavor and having a much less enjoyable cigar wrapper with hints of ashtray flavor. if i didn't know better, i'd swear my landlord dosed the soil with cigar, but maybe it was just a cheese pheno skunk. regardless, once you get past that 1st hit and it starts hitting your system, it's easy to tune out the flavor and i can see blunt lovers actually loving it.

    as mentioned, white strains like white widow are bred for the most THC and their showy frosted snow caps, but are notorious for being harsh & not very tasty. those tend to be stony more often than not, but medicine man (aka white rhino) has a trippier profile than the other white (or black) strains i've read about. i bet my white castles would have been potent, but they were also potently stinky, so i cut them down

    some other strains to look into are C-13 (not G), hashplants & OG kushes

    smashcity Well-Known Member

    I have been growing for about three years and these are the strains I have grown:
    1. SS AK 47
    2. SS White Russian
    3. Elites Lemon Larry
    4. Elites Tahoe x Sour D
    5. GH arjans haze 2
    6. Sannies Jack, Sannies the mask, the mask f2, killing fields,
    7. The white clone only, the white s1
    8.Cali Connection Tahoe OG
    9. Sweet Cheebas dpd x bluebomber
    10. TGA JTR
    11. Skunk #1dutch passion
    12. GH white widow
    13. Rez- Skunk x sour diesel

    Out of all these I would have to say my top 5 strains were in order of potency and yield are:
    1. Elites tahoe x sour d
    2. Cali Connections tahoe og. (potency and yield were off the chain) 5 ounces from 1 plant under a 600 in a five gallon bag. extremely potent and great bag appeal. Swerve did a good job with this
    3. The white. The best bag appeal, other than the krazy kush I have seen over at IC mag. potent. but small to medium yields and the stems need support.
    4. Sannies killing fields the green pheno is the best but the purple is good also. stretches 3x decent
    5. The mask.

    I had very bad experience with serious seeds AK47 and White russian. Well actually they were decent at most. I just think they are over rated. Maybe back in the days they were something to talk about, but it definitely was no one hit wonder. Try about a 5 hit wonder. One thing I can say is that the AK47 yielded well.

    budsgalore Member

    ^^ wallofwords.txt
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    What breeder makes "heroana" and what is it? I looked on a number of seedbank sites and could not find it, I looked on SeedFinder and it was not one of the 3,247 different strains listed there and I Googled it and did not find it. I am familiar with Herijuana and how it allegedly has up to 25% THC, but "heroana" and it's up to 30% THC is one I am unfamiliar with. Is it a local or regional strain in your area?
    Filthy Phil

    Filthy Phil Well-Known Member

    Super lemon haze,,greenhouse seeds
    Arjans ultra haze 2... Greenhouse seeds
    Tahoe og kush, cali connection
    Sour diesel, theres a lot of them
    Blue dream- dont know olif theres seeds yet

    I like haze crosses, or general sativas mostly... Worth the time, yields are great, trim is easier, more potent and better highs IMO.

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    Killing Fields- Sannie Seeds, straight Sativa Fire!
    Chocolate Rain-Sannie Seeds, bred by Esko, up next for me, has gotten rave reviews, sounds like a chocolate trip!
    Ak-47 by Serious Seeds, classic hybrid, just as potent as it's name.
    Black Widow by Mr Nice another solid classic, that speaks for itself
    Connesiur Genetics Sour Hazy Jones, Casey Jones cross that will leave you speechless
    Chernoybl by TGA great hybrid, with wicked potentcy
    Sugar Punch by Sannie Seeds, Super Silver Haze cross , done in 9 weeks, on my shortlist, punch to the brain that lasts long time.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    sannies has heroana. you probably couldn't find it because they spell it herijuana. i have no experience with it it and don't know how closely related it is to the real deal, but have seen the same kind of enthusiasm TGA has for sannies gear. here's their description

    Top strain for medical users and blowers that are looking for that extra punch not seen in years. This fabulous indica with many fine qualities is renowned and loved world-wide. Because of the high thc content and the narcotic effect, Herijuana is widely used as a medicinal cannabis strain. The extremely compact flowers are covered with trichomes and the smell is intoxicating

    This plant originates from Woodhorse and was perfected in a selection by Motarebel. Sannie and Motarebel share their precious genetics, and since Motarebel is unable to breed marijuana seeds for himself at the moment, Sannie continues his work with a new selection of Herijuana

    I received the seeds in 2006 and first grew them two cycles to get to know the strain. Then we selected the best pheno's to produce our first batch of Herijuana seeds. From this first generation we selected an exceptional male which proved to be the perfect match for our original mother. So these seeds are the back-cross of this male and my original mother.

    Herijuana is a fast, open and branchy grower. Actually, she shows a Sativa style of development but she blooms like a real indica. This results in an open plant and rock-hard, golf ball shaped buds covered in trichomes. The vigorous branching of this indica dominant makes it extremely suitable for Screen of Green (scrog) styles of growing. She continues to grow the first two weeks of flowering so you can stop scrogging early into flowering. Highly recommended for medicinal users and those who enjoy a real strong indica. It doesn't get much stronger than this!

    Type: Mostly indica Flowering time 7-9 weeks
    Harvest up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)
    Taste: sandalwood/afghani
    Effect: heavy medical body stone flowers They are rockhard with lots of crystals
    THC: Percentage up to 25%

    there are some really clunky "checkbox smoke reports" for it too. i hate those! it's like playing where's waldo trying to read those, so i don't, but i saw one mention of a KO stone that sounds right up the real heroana alley, but the original was at least in the high 20s if not low 30s for THC percentages

    JayDubb39963 Member

    whats the deal with tahoe bud can u ged seed for that

    splifchris Well-Known Member

    Hey brick top... I think i saw it was woodhorse seeds

    ddimebag Active Member

    Most potent bud I smoked was hands down the Diamond Haze from coffeeshop Toermalijn in Tilburg...that stuff is on a whole other level...still haven't found anything remotely as strong...
    As for growing, there was a very nice Super Lemon Haze plant I had once that had giant calyxes and was caked in white resin. The smell was sickeningly sweet, and it hermied a little at the end of flowering...but the buds, once cured, were well worth the hassle of picking out a few bananas.
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    ddimebag Active Member

    oh yeah, also, which version of Herijuana would be more potent, Sannie's or Motarebel's?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    sannies' sells mortabrebels, it's not his work, but rather mot's...

    as for the tahoe seeds question, yah, you can get them from a place like the attitude, just look under the cali connection.. :)
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    sierra seeds has the woodhorse version. maybe i've been spelling herijuauna wrong all along, but i could swear it was spelled heroana in the cannabible

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    you got a link for sierra seeds? i can't find anything via google... ty...

    Top5 Active Member


    PeachOibleBoiblePeach#1 Well-Known Member

    Any thing I grow,,,I Love G13 lab's seed's,,,WW,PH,,,and trying more,,,but The strongest most powerful was LA confidential that I grew,,,A one hit wonder!!!
    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    if i could grow 10 strains only; perpetually, i would choose

    Delta 9 labs-Brainstorm G13, The Merkabah
    G13 labs- Pineapple express
    Dinafem- Moby dick
    Subcool TGA- Vortex, Agent Orange, Qrazy Train
    Mr Nice- Medicine man, Black widow
    Sensi seeds- Super skunk

    honestly, if you grow your own, potency isn't the be all end all of characteristics from a strain to choose from, i love some pretty looking buds and vigorous especially since got to look at the things for 2-3 months over flowering. i like potency but variety is the spice of life.

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