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Too much heat for germination?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by user192021, Dec 3, 2008.


    user192021 Well-Known Member

    I ordered 10 skunk seeds from peekseedsbc.com and have them germinating now. First I put them in a cup of distilled water for a couple of days...nothing happened. Then I put them in a wet paper towel inside of a ziplock baggie, put it in front of the heater for a few days...and a couple seeds sprouted - but the heater shuts off during the day, so they're not getting consistent heat, and the rest of the seeds did nothing for the following 6 days. Now I have the seeds in the wet paper towel inside the ziplock baggie on top of my cable box which is quite hot - I'm just wondering if I can have too much heat? I've read that somewhere in the range of 80-90 degrees F tends to produce the best germination results, although I couldn't say what the actual temp of the cable box is...

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    again, i'm not a fan of the paper towel deal..
    but, if you care to try the method i use..
    it's much more easier & quicker to do..

    you can use a shot glass or any small cup..
    fill it up with water half way & drop your seed inside..
    take the cup & put it away in a dark humid place for 24-30 hours..
    (you can cover the cup with a bigger cup)
    check on it after a day & if the seed has sunk , it's good..
    when it has sunk, get a pair of tweezers with your pot of soil ready..
    make sure you wash your hands & clean the tweezers off with rubbing alcohol..
    take the seed out & plant it in the desired location of your pot..
    you have to plant it knot side up & pointy side down..
    the knot side is the stubby end, with that lightish brown circle..
    plant it 1/3 deep into the soil & water thoroughly..
    throw it into a humidity dome until the seed has sprout..
    if you don't have a humidity dome take a piece of plastic wrap & cover your pot..
    before you cover it, spray the underside of the wrap with water..
    & use soft/warm white bulbs (2700k) for the heat..
    then switch over to daylights after it has sprout..

    results show sprout in less than or 2 days max of 3..
    those are my results with this method.. i never had a sprout take longer than 3 days..

    good luck man :grin:

    user192021 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I used this method and one of the seeds sprouted! This is a seed I've been trying to germinate in a variety of ways for a couple of weeks now - I was just about to give up on it.

    I'll leave the others in the soil w/ saran wrap over the pots and see if they decide to pop too. Good method - thanks for the tips. I'll be doing this in the future.

    free2believe Active Member

    How much water do you give them after you plant them, or do you just spray them? Also, what kind of light schedule should it be on? 18/6?
  5. You did the cable box thing, too eh?. It didn't work for me either, so I tried sticking them in a shot glass with some water in it and laid a t-shirt over top of it, but these seeds are frustrating me, I never had this much of a prob in the past, oh well good thing I got more seeds =)

    I think I'm gonna give the plastic wrap thing a try.
    miss t fy

    miss t fy Member

    i just planted the damn things nothing happenered as yet but it only been a few days,
    after a little research i have some more in a dark cubord in a little cup, they sunk but not sprouted.
    hope this works as im running out of seeds!(or they all might suprise me)has anyone ever just chucked them in a pot of copost and had great results?

    samljer Active Member

    Ive NEVER done any of these things. Placing in a cup of water? no... humidity dome even? never "and my house is 20% RH during winter"
    I use the MANDALA method.

    Take 4"-5" pot, with soil, water untill it exits the bottom, let it sit for an hour or two.
    Shake excess water from bottom of pot, its now seed ready.

    Plant your seeds right from the seed bank, on its SIDE. 1/4" down.
    fill hole, gently.

    give it 10 days tops, average results in 2-3 days.

    Paper tower? no different then dirt so just put it right in the dirt.
    Humidity dome will have no effect on anything under the dirt, except block fresh oxygen roots need.
    "This statement holds true so long as the temperature is constant"
    once its above ground just mist twice a day for 3 days.
    Keep your pots in a dark place that maintains anywhere from 25-30*C
    If they are viable, they will grow this way, simple as that.

    This is called the Mandela method "Mandela seedbank"
    and is what the actual seed breeders do, you cant go wrong.

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