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Tomato Miracle Grow -- Planting stage -- PLUS Q's

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by NBSteve16, Apr 24, 2007.


    NBSteve16 Active Member


    To start it off... this is my first ever grow so bear with me on questions ha.

    I've got hold a few good seeds. I have a prepared area to plant that is safe, and i live in a mountainous range so the weather is more or less mild - hot ... like mid 80's at the hottest temp.

    I started my seeds in an Eggshell; which the eggshell is sat in a pot w/ soil. I water them everyother day. and have them in a window that gets a lot of sunlight. 2 seeds per shell. I poked a pen size hole in the bottom for the root to make through to the soil..

    they are about 5-6 days old and have just broken the surface of the potting soil. "the soil is clean btw"... one of the plants is struggling i believe and i dont know why. its sorta brown in the middle of the stem and doesnt seem to be strong at all. And the other is doing just fine. completely healthy.

    It is going to rain for 3-4 days on and off the next little bit. And probably not much sun. Therefore, i was told to buy Tomato Miracle Grow only for the beginning stage to build a strong root system and make sure the plants are good to be transplanted outside. Is this ok? What other options do i need to keep in mind so that my plants grow strong and are transportable?

    I also may have a problem with bugs and what not. What outdoor solution should i use so that it doesnt weakin the yield of the bud, or harm the plant period. i want something that works... thats clean... so that my first grow will actually work.



    Grow-King New Member

    depends on which kind of bugs you want to keep away..... if you want somthing clean id go with organic repellents. you could prolly find alot of info on some organic pestecides by searching here on the forum or on some other site like google.com

    pothead6 New Member

    i would think that the miricle grow would work all trew out the plants life lol instead of just as a seelding // try getting some supper thrive

    NBSteve16 Active Member

    i want to keep away any bug right? the place i am planting might and might not be clustered with alot of bugs.. bugs are everywhere though. I just dont want to run the risk of getting infested and losing crop.

    i've heard things like: putting all those chemicals and protectants in the ground can take away from the yield strength of the buds. i want what everyone else wants.. a good clean crop with a good yield.

    so if there is any kind of bug repellant that is almost completely a good safe tool for my plants i'd love to know. or if there is a garden treatment that can be done to kill all the insects that might occur before planting.

    pothead6 New Member

    well u could light the ground on fire //jk // um bugs are going to be every where no matter what u do soo idk i wouldnt use pesticide becouse when u smoke ur herb uall smoke the pestisie "really bad" // i wouldnt worry about it

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