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To transplant or not to transplant?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Havek, Jul 27, 2013.


    Havek Member

    Okay, so my girl is in a 10" (3gal?) pot. I vegged her for 6 weeks, and she's now in day 9 of flower. I've been having to water every two days recently. All I have is a 12" pot. Should I transplant her into it or will she be fine living her days out in her current pot?

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    Bakatare666 Well-Known Member

    From info given, I would say go as big as you can.
    Even when I veg 4 weeks, I get roots all the way out to the edges of my 5 gal., and about 2/3 down.
    Nice plant BTW.:clap:
    My current grow, I am trying a Kush and Diesel, both vegged for 60 days.

    Havek Member

    Thanks a million, I'll be preparing for takeoff tomorrow :D and thanks for the compliment on my lady :wink:
    Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar Active Member

    I flower in 12" square 18L (4.75 gallon) pots and I wish they were slightly larger. I think my plants might be getting root-bound towards the end of flowering.

    Bakatare666 Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking, next time around I am going to try my normal watering as well as soaking from the bottom each time and see if I can get my roots to the bottom.

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