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To Top or Not that is the question.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Zonal, Dec 10, 2012.


    Zonal Member

    I am growing NL autos and I would like some serious opinions and info about topping or super cropping these plants. I have not been able to find any solid info about the subject. Right now I have one NL auto plant that is about 6 weeks old, I did nothing to her but grow her. Next grow will be three NL auto and I really need to know how my fellow growers feel about topping, super cropping or screen of green for my next grow.

    Chime in!

    aCiDjEsUs Well-Known Member

    No topping, no super cropping on autos, just let them grow. There's not a lot of time for them to recover from the stress. You can maybe do a little LST on it.

    bigrake Well-Known Member

    Yes top if not you won't get shit. Check my threads I've topped all my autos but one and got way more off the topped. They take topping fine do it early though. I've grown nothing but autos and they will be fine as long as you do it early and don't stress them a lot. Put in one pot the one your going to finish in. People say use three gallon pots I've found they are to small almost every plant I've planted in a three gallon has roots all the way to th's top of the soil and almost are root bound I switched to five and they love it and get pretty big too. Well good luck and Happy growing....

    fro77 Active Member

    im going to have to disagrea i grew some monsters in 3 gallon pots and i never never never top or super crop it stunts the growth.

    every 1 does there own thing and there is never a right or wrong id like to see you thread the link didnt work.

    here is a easy ryder i grew it suppose to yield a oz i got almost to no super croping 3 gal pot

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    videodrome Member

    LST is the way with auto!:-)))

    If you top your plant the risk is that there isnt time for a full recovery in VEG,and a recovery in flowering is really bad thing!

    Auto's are really fast!!

    JustAnotherUser Active Member

    disaprove... on the topping that is, 4-5 gallon pots with auto's is the way to go. No transplanting either

    halfpound Active Member

    im growin an auto now, being a newbie an all my dumb ass topped her.. good thing i topped her early.. BUT IT PUSHED ME BACK BIG TIME LOWER BRANCHES PUTTING ON MORE WEIGHT THAN TOPS THAT WERE TOPPED. SEE PICS.. I THINK IM SET BACK ABOUT TWO WEEKS... IM AT DAY 42 ON THESEBUT SHE DOES LOOK GOOD.. auto somango 42 days from seed 001.jpg auto somango 42 days from seed 006.jpg auto somango 42 days from seed 009.jpg auto somango 42 days from seed 015.jpg auto somango 42 days from seed 004.jpg auto somango 42 days from seed 010.jpg auto somango 42 days from seed 008.jpg
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    #13c-45 days.jpg #13 - 45 days Aug 15'12.jpg after growing several NL autos i now alway top them. the trick is to grow them as quickly as possible the first week or so. usually after seven or eight days i top above the second true node. have had great results. being an auto it has to be done early. GL

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