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To to Make Oil from ISO Hash

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by oceangreen, Sep 17, 2011.


    oceangreen Well-Known Member

    I had a quick question, I wanted to make oil from iso hash.

    I was looking at the Rick Simpson method, but he uses bud to make his oil. How do you do it from iso hash?. I understand its already very concentrated, but how to a make into oil, if I wanted say 40grams of oil?

    oceangreen Well-Known Member

    or bubble hash. Are most of the CBN and CBD's stripped when making bubble or iso?

    joker1420 Active Member

    Iso hash is made from isopropyl alcohol and that shit is not good for u..you can make Simpson hash with trimmings it just wont be that potent..I have a iso2 maching that uses iso alcohol but i use everclear so it is not bad for u and wont make u go blind..ALWAYS do research in what is in your hash oil because a lot of that shit is not safe to smoke and in a lot of cases u need to burn the alcohol of before u do..

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Isopropanol isn't dangerous. Methanol is the alcohol that causes blindness because it gets metabolized into formaldehyde. Isopropanol gets metabolized to acetone which is not that bad. No worse than ethanal at any rate.

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    iso wont hurt you & it IS safe to smoke. if you're using a 99% iso alcohol then theres NOTHING thats gonna harm you...why? because since its 99% pure alcohol then guess what? it will evaporate leaving you with nothing but hash.

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