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To the linen closet, Stealth Veg!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Leaflvr, Jul 19, 2013.


    Leaflvr Member

    Wanting a little bit of grow privacy I decided to alter a linen closet with a stealth veg area.

    After removing the door and door framing I built a frame out of 1x2's and secured the frame with cabinet overlay hinges. I added casters to hold the weight and make opening and closing smooth. I put the door shelves together with pre-cut wall mounting shelves, a few of them I had to cut. The back is 1/8" hardboard wall paneling that I painted. The exterior trim is basic door framing trim.

    I left a very slight gap at the bottom of the door and added a few pc fans to provide fresh air. Temps are 72/81max. Total usable space is 18" x 36"x 8'. In order to get power I tapped into an outlet adjacent to the closet. The Light is LED LIGHT. I used this light with my last veg for 4-6 weeks and the plants flourished. As far as the door, for about $120, I'm happy with it

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    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    Damn Slick M8.

    Kudos on your efforts. :clap:

    oh...and welcome to the madhouse

    Thanx for the share.

    Peace and Great Grows


    Leaflvr Member


    This whole project took about two days.

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