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To make butter...do I need to dry the trim first?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by joebuck, Sep 22, 2008.


    joebuck Well-Known Member

    I just can't see an answer anywhere. All I see is dried stuff. I have about a cup and a half of trichy trim that I want to use to make cannabutter but I can't seem to find out if it needs to be dried and cured like "regular" bud. I'd like to cook it down tonight if I can, but mine is currently wet.

    Thanks in advance! :weed:
    Tru Ganjaman

    Tru Ganjaman Active Member

    nah.. it still contains as much THC for extraction wether dry or damp.. cause it's gettin wet anywayz..

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    I would dry it. Ya have to dry it.

    llLOU Well-Known Member

    You want the most THC content that you can get out of your weed, and as I understand, THC content increases a little as it dries. So you might want to dry it , but not cure it ????? Does that make sense ?
    joebuck likes this.

    joebuck Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that makes sense. I'll dry it tomorrow. Thank you!

    CaptainTripps Well-Known Member

    I'd think the taste would be even worse if you used it wet...

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