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To Grow Miracly or Not? Extra Miracle Grow Left...

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by abefroman35, Mar 20, 2010.


To Grow Miracles Or Not.

  1. Yes, use Miracle Grow -- it does have beneficial advantages.

  2. No, do not use Miracle Grow -- it has no beneficial affects whatsoever.

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  3. Jesus Christ Only Grows Miracles -- haha.

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    abefroman35 New Member

    so i was wondering -- though i have a pretty general knowledge of what most the replies are going to be, but -- if, Miracle Grow could be used with Cannabis to successfully develop a large yield of beautiful buds?

    i was wondering this, because i am currently experimenting my first time with a plot of twenty-six -- haha i would more, but that was all the jiffy pots i bought and i didn't think all those thirty-plus seeds would have germinated -- seeds for an outdoor plot, -- which i have come to realize is quite a horrible idea since Cannabis needs twelve hours of light AND darkness each day to bloom/bud -- and i bought some concentrated Miracle Grow (since i am not a "serious" grower currently; because of my housing situation) to give the plants at least a little bit of nutrients.

    so because i have a bunch of this Miracle Grow left, should i save it to use with Cannabis or should i just use it for vegetables, shrubberies, and flowers? though, Cannabis is a flower; and some argue that it is a fruit...which my friends, i believe it is more of a fruit than a flower.

    i currently have the germinating/sprouting seedlings in a closet with an overhead fluorescent over the door, dual three meter fluorescents against the corner at an angle, and then a small incandescent desk lamp up close over top of the jiffy pots; there is an encasing of aluminum foil from the top fluorescent light to the back wall and down on all the walls and door.


    so i have explained the lay out, let me explain to you my "growing" process. the soil in each jiffy-pot is a little different, even though i pulled it all from the same location.

    a third of the jiffy-pots have a strong concentration of decomposing roots and trees -- which is great for the seedlings because of the available air supply; each seedling sprouted quickly within this type of medium. while another third has slightly more sand within the mixture; with some having slightly more sand than others -- some have begun to sprout within this medium. and the last third, actually more than that, have almost nothing but sand -- and most of these seedlings have not sprouted from the medium yet.

    i germinated all the seeds before hand as well in napkins and tissues in between two plated, and i would not plant a seedling unless it had germinated and sprouted in the plates.

    yesterday i discovered that i was letting the medium dry out a little too quick -- it's because of the desk lamp -- and last evening/night i watered them with the Miracle Grow solution, and eventually left a puddle in the cooking pans that the jiffy pots are sitting in; so basically, the plants have been sitting in a pool of water and Miracle Grow solution for the past twelve hours, and i just turned the desk lamp back on -- which helps dry up the water quicker. (i apologize for all this rambling)

    but basically, i feel i rotted out the plants and their roots... haha because, the plant which was growing most, fell over a lot more and i tried to help it out and it just broke off. i just put it back in the dirt and Lord willing it will heal back up...

    but i don't know, this was all an experiment really, and i do not expect to see the end results of this outdoor plot; especially considering i will have to wait until September for the Fall Sun to arrive. but oh well, this was my first experiment, and what Christ wants WILL happen.


    so basically my only question is, whether or not to save the Miracle Grow for Cannabis, or use it only for Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Shrubberies, and any other landscaping vegetation?

    even though Cannabis should be allowed for "landscaping vegetation" and even agriculture, horticulture, and every thing else... but anyways... Christ willing we shall see the True Legalization of Cannabis within this Country's ever-expanding federal government very soon.



    abe froman

    daisy2687 Well-Known Member

    I've used MG for 2 grows without any serious problems.. Some slight nute burn in the beginning.

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    It'll work, I used it for 2-3 grows, in the past. It works pretty good for veg. The main thing to remember, is that it is about 4X stronger than most ferts, so you have to make sure you use it sparingly(even though it's really tempting to give it more.lol). I don't recommend it for use during bloom(after week 2 or 3) though, and would get some bloom fert for that stage. Also, if you pick up some Cal-mag and use that too, it contains the nutes that are lacking in the MG, and will work even better for ya. :)

    abefroman35 New Member

    haha YES!!! i am so glad you said that!!!! i completely forgot that if it gets TOO MUCH nutrition then it can burn it. thank you for reidieration that for me... that is actually probably what has happened to the plants when i thought they were "drying" out.

    thanks for saying that seriously.

    hahaha yes i know, i wanted and did give it more MG than i should have. thanks for telling me all that.

    thanks you two.

    abefroman35 New Member

    so i should use Cal-mag on top of MG? use both of them and just use a tri-meter?

    cannakis Well-Known Member

    didn't this stupid kid just declare all over the threads that he was under 18 years old.

    delete all of his stupid bull shit!

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