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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by redzi, Mar 16, 2012.


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    Dear 'tude, I have enjoyed your clips from Spain...the freebies are tempting..on 3 seperate occasions in about as many months I had the urge to buy. For me buying is almost an addiction...lots of times I do not even have available room for new material. So these past 3 times I opened your site with credit card in hand and....nothing. Sensi, Serious, and Sweet are the main favorites. Sometimes just the pick and mix, other times a just seems that for instance you might want to break down that 10 count package of NLxHaze into single seeds...because I and a lot more people like me are going to Castle, Herbies, ect.
    I still go to you first because there does seem to be extra vigor in your Sweet seeds (they have a lousy shelf life). You have the best personal customer never bill someone's credit card for items that you dont have like everyonedoesit has a habit of doing. :spew: I will continue to check your stock out first...but as the comfort level grows with your will the orders.

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