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TLO ~ True Living Organics, The Rev style.

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by gladstoned, Jan 9, 2013.


    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I am new to organic gardening. I have been a subscriber to Skunk magazine and a fan of The Rev's.
    I have leaned toward his style of growing because he actually understands it and can explain it, vs it
    being a recipe he just copied from someone else. (like I am doing now).

    The 2.1 soil was mixed 2 days ago.
    Gathering all the needed amendments up here in the UP during winter was a complete and utter pain
    in the sack. Much of it was ordered off the internet with shipping costs often being 4x the cost of the actual item.

    1 fuck up this round. Well, one that I am aware of anyway. We switched up unleached bone meal for fish bone meal.
    If that sounds fishy, my bad. I fucked up. In a few weeks we will mix up more and use the correct bone meal.

    Thank You Trichyn9ne for the helping me out. He actually played the roll of concrete mixer and did it in the basement
    on top of that.

    People are big on adding and subtracting to recipes. I don't like to do that. (even though I did with the bone meal). I want
    to keep changing this recipe every time I read an article on organics. I want to roll with The Rev's plan. Teaming with
    microbes will be read next, but this is where and how I am starting my Organic career.

    I do grow in hydro. Bucket system with Advanced Nutrients full line. I am not a fucking tree hugger, I just love pot and want
    the best. I will periodically list the amendments and put why The Rev uses them.

    19132 003.jpg 1813 098.jpg 1813 099.jpg
    1813 100.jpg 1813 101.jpg 1813 102.jpg
    1813 103.jpg 1813 104.jpg 1813 105.jpg

    1813 106.jpg 1813 108.jpg 1813 110.jpg
    1813 111.jpg 1813 112.jpg 1813 113.jpg
    1813 114.jpg 1813 115.jpg 1813 116.jpg 1813 117.jpg
    1813 118.jpg 1813 119.jpg 1813 124.jpg
    1813 125.jpg 1813 126.jpg 1813 127.jpg
    1813 128.jpg 1813 129.jpg 1813 131.jpg
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    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    About 4 weeks and the soil should be "cooked" or "activated" enough to use.
    I just ordered a control wizard ph meter to post levels starting next week.
    I am leaning toward using only 3 gallon pots.
    We mixed a double batch and it's 3/4 of a garbage can worth of soil.
    I am also going to try using blumats to automatically water my plants.

    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    Are you cooking that indoors bro? If done right, it may smell like you are collecting dead bodies in there :o

    But like they say, stink in stink out ;)

    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    i know that shit aint cheap and to add shipping on that to boot woah... hope the high risk ends up with high rewards (pun intended)... nothin beter than oranically grown soil herb IMO...

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    We mixed it indoors and are cooking it indoors. My garage is below freezing.
    I just did a Chem 4 grow and nobody came by without mentioning the smell.
    That includes strangers at my door as well.

    I had to fed-ex cow manure. The next day it took me most of the day to figure out
    where that smell was coming from. When we added the fish bone meal, I really started
    to question the idea. roflmao. The feather meal was pretty fucked up too.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    If this works good. I will hit up a half dozen stores to carry all the amendments, if they all fail to do so, they will become victims of shitty management and I will then work on opening a real grow store here in the UP.

    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    now theres an idea!! i been tryin to get everything squared away where im at now to actually make a move to become a you-per... been lookin into finding work that way so if u here of anything dont hesitate to drop some knowledge on me... especially if u need some help at a newly opened grow shop lol...

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    fish emulsion is some pretty wicked shit, pun intended of course, as well glad.. :D
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    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    i like to use very light amounts of fish emulsion in the early stages of veg and also in between feeds occasionally in weeks 4 and 5 of flower with my r.o. water

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    There are several in the process of opening right now. I think I can talk almost any of them into making more money.
    If I had time and wanted a job, I would have opened one up in perkins last year. I had too many irons in the fire a few
    dozen irons ago. My biggest focus right now is getting Medicated Acres running smoothly and help Belle get her shit together.
    Then we can move on to everything else. Like runs of Rick Simpson Oil made with only the top colas of these TLO plants.

    Shaymuny what area are you looking at up here?

    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    Honestly bud i am just sick of all these city-idts around here area not important... i lived in flint for 27 years and that is in itself enough to make anyone wanna seek a new location lol... i moved up in the thumb area to try and find a better place to raise my kids but there is nothing around here... bout the only option for work is factories which give ya the boot before your 90 days are up or fast food lol... seems like everywhere and anywhere ya go is 30 40 minutes away too... i use to have family in the UP that passed away few years back and use to visit em and i loved everything about it up there... that is where i want to raise my kids around good folks in a good area... ive done all kinds of work in my day... jack of all trades master of none type deal lol

    Trichyn9ne Well-Known Member

    Nice work Glad getting this thread started for people thinking about organic growing. I'll surely be following along to see how this new style of growing compares to the bad ass bucket system you've got!

    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    Agreed... subbed

    Trichyn9ne Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately shaymummy its the same outlook for work in the u of p. Either factories, fast-food, or unemployment.

    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    kinda was getting that same impression (insert stomach ache)... i been searching various job seking sites with not much luck... but honestly if fast food is what a man has to do to support himself and family im game and would much rather do so around the company of good hearted people then the zoo of flint or surrounding area... greatly appreciate the input tho trich... sorry i been blabbing about stuff that has nothing to do with TLO tho which this thread was intended for...

    TJames Active Member

    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    Bring your work w you to the U.P., work is possibly even more scarce up there.

    So anyone gonna share this nu secret recipe....?

    It's strange as far as tree-hugging goes, I can see three of 'em out in my yard right now. One is a crazy assed local who always runs away when I approach him, second is a Native American baddass, Johnny Barkwood. And third is a life-sized chicken wire and painted paper mache' dummy of me so people always think I'm at home.

    Lookin' forward to Rev/Glad's new organic revelations.
    shout-out to Rrog who recently opened my eyes much wider.
    all you fuckers are great!!!

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    You should see the rest of my basement. You'd really be pissed.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    It's January 9th. Working in the UP is hard bro. Life up here is hard if you aren't retired.

    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    this is embarrasing but yeah... my last major job was a fast food joint in birch run.

    u get up past the 23/75 up past bay city and there aint much out there. same when u head west or east of flint/saginaw

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