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Titan controls Apollo 8 timer issues.

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Bodego, Dec 29, 2012.


    Bodego Member

    I just got a new timer from my local shop and it seems to be having the same problems that my last one had. Not turning on/off when it should be. Can anyone give me some tips or recommend the type of timers you use.

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Had that happened years ago, but It was a noobie mistake and realized I was over powering the power strip.
    Are the timers you have not from Titan? If not that's probley your problem. Luck good <----

    Bodego Member

    Its a brand new Apollo 8 from titan. It worked fine for 2 days, then started missing its on/off marks. I know its not overloaded with power. Its rated for 15 amps and 1800 watts and I'm only running 1 1000w HPS ballast off of it.

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