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Tis the season NM Peeps! Whats running?

Discussion in 'New Mexico Patients' started by Lysemith, Lowkey, Nov 9, 2014.


    su^ Well-Known Member

    I'm not saying they don't work by any means, just think its more cost effective to run a tank. Do you remove the mushroom bags when flowering is finishing or just let them go til the plant finishes?
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    Mr. HighGuy

    Mr. HighGuy Active Member

    I have been looking into Scrog method aswell but up untill now I didn't have the room to go big that way but for sure now 2.5Lbs sounds awesome. I was only pulling maybe 1 lbs in my closet grows

    I leave them all the way though... why is that not a good thing??

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    su^ Well-Known Member

    If you push co2 late in flower the plants will take longer to ripen or may not fully ripen. When they are in the final process of flower cut your co2 so they ripen properly. They are releasing ethylene at this point to help with the ripening process and if you are running co2 it will delay this process.
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    Mr. HighGuy

    Mr. HighGuy Active Member

    Koo good to know I'll do that
    . Thanks

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    su^ Well-Known Member

    Glass slipper X2 anyone?

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    Kannibalistics Active Member

    What's up new Mexico? I was hoping to get some knowledge from you guys growing out here in the southwest desert. In growing outside and our heat is killer. Maybe link up ill buy some beers and start up the grill and teach/learn?

    kilojay619 Well-Known Member

    Hey Im in the same bout as you and kind of been learning as I go but Ill definately be more than glad to share whats worked nut I can mostly tell you what HAS NOT worked lol

    DaddyDeathDabs New Member

    I get your post is old, i have a grow going on have room for more clones or seed, curious if you have clones youd not need in your garden or willing to pass some down when trim time, once a grower always one hope you still working in garden..
    Happy growing

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