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tips of leaves turning brown

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Emerald City, May 13, 2008.

    Emerald City

    Emerald City Active Member

    Hey guys how’s it going? This is my first post here as well as my first time growing; I have been reading and looking around for a little while. Here is some background information: I have six plants in soil, five of them are White Widow and one is Jock Horror. All plants are from seeds and the seeds are from a reputable source.

    All plants are in day 33 of the veg stage, the light regimen is 18/6. I have a 600 Watt light that is about 18 inches from the top of the tallest plant. They are watered once a day, always in the morning. It can get from 70-95 degrees under the light. The tallest of the plants is about 8in the smallest is about 6in.

    My problems are:
    The bottom (older) leaves are yellowing but the newer ones look fine. What’s wrong?

    When you look at the pics you can see some browning on the tips of some of the leaves. What’s wrong?

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    Emerald City

    Emerald City Active Member

    Any ideas?

    corester123 Well-Known Member

    over watering, nitrogen def, also got a fan on them?:peace:

    ACSCorp Well-Known Member

    I'm a newbie on my first grow so don't take my advice as gospel.

    The yellowing of the "baby leaves" is OK. The plant is generating upwards growth as long as this continues, a few of the bottom leaves yellowing and falling off is normal.

    Your brown tips are not really bad at all, barely noticeable. I think it may be due to the high temperatures (95 degrees is way too hot, especially for small plants like that).

    You need to address your environment issues to get those out of the picture since it will affect you later on in the growth cycle if it isn't already.

    Put a nice sized oscillating fan blowing on the plants to get the temperature down. Build a cool tube for your 600 watt light if you don't have one. Vent to room to get some of the heat out.

    Also with soil once a day may be a bit too much. You should let the soil dry out a little between waterings. I have one plant in soil and check it with a moisture meter before I water. The rest of my stuff is in coir, that's a different story.

    Check your soil ph with either a soil ph meter or by measuring the runnoff of your waterings. Are you ph'ing your water before it goes in? Are you using nutrients or just letting the plant get it nutes from the soil?

    DankCloset Active Member

    your plant is hungry. feed it!

    Emerald City

    Emerald City Active Member

    I don’t have a fan on them now but I am going to put a fan in the room later on tonight. I am also going to pick up some Fox Farm; I think it’s called Big Grow. I will hold off on watering it every day. As far as it being stretchy, in the first two weeks I had the light way too far away and the plants were reaching for light (a newbie mistake). They seem to be growing fine it just the light was too far away.
    Where can I get a moisture meter and how much are they?
    Any more suggestions?

    ACSCorp Well-Known Member


    blackcat310 Active Member

    your fine man just relax and let those babys become mamas

    ganjadank Active Member

    i am a newbie at growing, and i have two plants under two floros. grow lights, and the leaves are rolling up like a carpet, and on one of the leaves it has a brown tip. what should i do any advice will help?

    cancan420 Member

    judging by the color of your leaves your plant needs nutrients. Fertillizer thats 10 10 10 will work fine. get a fan on them or your asking for trouble, because theres no airflow and thats a small ass place for that many plants. Your asking for mold if u dont get a fan

    DST Well-Known Member

    I think his plants will be long dead by now due to the age of the thread. Done it myself plenty times.........peace, DST

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