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Tips and Tricks for guerilla growing

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by blackgroundpeninsula, Dec 26, 2007.


    blackgroundpeninsula Active Member

    Im going to grow about five plants not to far from where I live. Im in Upstate South Carolina. I need any kind of tips ranging from hiding them to protecting them from animals.

    Would it be better if I placed the plants far from my home, so if they are found it could not be traced back to me?
    Mr. Limpet

    Mr. Limpet Well-Known Member

    well i dont know about carolina but near me hunting season doesnt really pick up til after harvest time. So look into that.

    blackgroundpeninsula Active Member

    im pretty there hunting cause i hear gunshots and i see people in orange and camo driving around in there trucks.
    im growing from march 20 to april 20.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    Its going to take more then a month to grow! Near a deer stand then you have picked a bad area. Hunters many as you say and deer themselves will eat your plants.Rethink this spot and find a better one.

    Kindbuds262 Active Member

    growing any plant isnt just a one month deal. Its also better to start the plants and get them strong enough for weather before just tossing some seeds down with water. You really need to think something like this through before you do it. It just might be a little more work and risk than you think it is... You really gotta think...

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