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Tiny White Bugs Under Leaves ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Dester206, Sep 11, 2008.


    Dester206 Active Member

    Hello People,

    I was looking at my plants tonight and noticed 2 small white bugs under one of the leaves. The bugs were really really tiny and crawled around. No pics sorry.
    The Plant is healthy and the bugs seemed to have done no damage, I killed them anyway. I continued checkng the plant and found no more bugs and cleaned all the leaves of dirt or anyting that may be considered bug waste.
    What should I do to avoid bugs? Are these bugs bad? I have a fan on myplant 24/7 and they are 3/4 weeks into vegging. I don't want a bug infestation. Anytips much appreciated.:leaf:


    fatness420 Active Member

    those bugs are a bad problem called smpider mites. find a spry and get to work

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Did they have wings?

    Dester206 Active Member

    No Wings.
    I washed of all the leaves with water and gently scrubbed them. Will this help?
    I heard they lay eggs so i tried to get everything off all of the leaves to prevent this. Don't know if this will do anything.
    Any cheap methods of getting rid of these mites?
    Also, it doesn;t seem like there are too many of them yet? I looked carefully and found only two and killed them. Could I be lucky in getting rid of all of them? Or am I bound to have tem around forever?


    s40ward Active Member

    Do you have a local hydro store? Lots of places sell natural predators to common plant pests. Predator mites my friend :D. They will help you. You can buy mitacides but be careful bro. I've had friends that would COMPLETELY shut down for 2 weeks and scrub the whole area at the first sign of an infestation. It's really your best bet.

    stew Active Member

    read your e-mail about tiny white flies on your plants.ive been checking for weeks on ways to exterminate them as they are becoming a major threat to picus plants here in south florida.picus hedges are as common a hedge as youll find anywhere in florida mostly used for privacy.the white fly was accidently introduced fairly recently and ive been researching ways to save mine.read a story earlier about a grower who had the same problem youve got.didnt know what to doas he had just finished watering.waited a few days and when he checked his plants not only were the white flies dead but some other bugs as well.they had gotten into the residue from his fertilizer called/mg bloom booster/that was left from his last watering.if you know were i can get some of this stuff please let me know if it works there will be alot of grateful florida homeowners [email protected] thanks and good luck

    LiveVibe Well-Known Member

    You can get lizards or ladybugs. I am not that informed with outdoor gardening. From your description and what I know I assume they are either spider mites or aphids. Without any pics the description is still kind of vague.

    Phinxter Well-Known Member

    get yourself some insecticide like garden safe 3 in 1 its a funguside pesticide insecticide and is safe to use during veg for sure . or try neem oil or anything with pyrethins in it but hit it hard and fast or the mites will become resistant and you will have a mess on your hands.
    get rid of them fast with chemicals and be done with them

    annie Member

    I have seen white bugs under a leaf before. if there the white bugs I am talking about there harmless. infact so harmless that I have atually picked some up before so..........
    don't be
    afraid of them!

    annie Member

    I was in school playing with my friend gathering leaves when on one of them I saw a 2 inched (I think) black scary bug. I screamed because I have never seen anything like it. it was about 1/2 an inch away from my finger. Have you ever seen anything like:?:

    seanmosean Member

    Get some lady bugs. Their totally organic and will eat all your little critters. Green thumb has tons of them.

    annie Member

    well I found out obout the and ther harm less there not:fire:

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