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tiny white bugs crawl on lower leaves with movement like a worm...pics inside!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by sm0keyrich510, Oct 12, 2010.


    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    OK so today i was watering my plants (as they needed it)...i also decided to do a lil lst as the plants are getting huge...i noticed some sick looking leaves at the bottom of one of the plants...turns out 2 of the LOWEST fan leaves had these TINY white bugs (barely visible to the naked eye) and a bunch of black spots that were even smaller than the bugs... dont know if its related. never had a real problem before.

    in total i found 3 white bugs (seem to move similar to a regular garden worm). Ive heard about checking soil for white bugs but this was clearly on the leaf...none found in soil.

    some of the leaves had a rusty/dry feeling to them...some had a few assorted tiny brown spots.

    doesn't appear to be spider mites either (i checked and found nothing).

    so what can i do to combat this issue and keep them away (what are they by the way)

    any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated.

    thank you...

    background info:
    flowering: day 11 (12/12 light cycle)
    nutes: fox farm grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, and molasses
    soil: fox farm ocean forest
    lighting: 600w digital hps
    techniques: topping (once), light lst, super cropping
    strain: paradise seeds white berry fem seeds (all are confirmed females at this point...showing tons of hairs).

    remarkably besides the issues on the lowest leaves all of them look amazing. very very big

    and bushy. lush thick green growth...honestly the best plants Ive ever grown in my life. pics also included

    pH: all 5 plants range from 6.3-6.8.

    View attachment 1208447 View attachment 1208450 View attachment 1208419 View attachment 1208458 View attachment 1208460 View attachment 1208452

    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    i guess i should also mention this isnt on every plant...just 1 really and a 2nd shows SOME signs but no bugs/spots... so idk.

    bonjo78 Active Member

    ur description is better than the pics , from the sound of it , i hear thrips

    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    i believe so as well. now my issue is i cant find spinosad from anywhere other than amazon. problem with that is i already have the problem so waiting till this next Monday/Tues for it to arrive in the mail isn't really an option...one day delivery cost $50 + the cost of the spinosad (steep!) i checked home depot, Lowe's, and ace hardware online to no avail.

    i went to Monterey's website (looking for their garden insect control with spinosad) & it says its available @ ace hardware & osh...but their websites showed nothing (well i have to go to osh as their website doesn't contain a product catalog but at this point I'm not holding my breath.

    so anyone care to share where this stuff can be found (it frustrates me considering what spinosad really is...ie. a few select decaying flowers)

    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    & im sorry about the pics. im glad they turned out as good as they did (cellphone camera is all i have right now). the two pics with the circle around the pics is my taking a pic thru a scope to show you the thrips (without the scope my fone wouldnt pic up the thrips...it has a hardtime focusing when put really close to the subject)

    bajafox Well-Known Member

    I'll go with thrips as well, I've been fighting them for a few weeks myself


    hydro stores carry it, Also check out ed rosenthal's zero tolerance.
    Jack in the Bud

    Jack in the Bud Active Member

    I've used 1 teaspoon of Malathion (50%) / gallon of water and spritzed it on with an old Windex bottle and had it cure my thrip problem with only one application. You need to do the whole space as well as the plants. You can usually find a pint of it at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc. for around $7-8. I wouldn't use it past more than 2 to 3 weeks into flowering. In fact my thinking is that from now on all my crops are going to get this treatment as a preventative measure right before I switch to 12/12 and begin flowering.


    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    taking this from my other thread since im getting most of the help in this one:

    what do you think about this:


    it doesnt contain spinosad but it contains by weight:
    2-phenethyl propionate 3.5%
    sodium lauryl sulfate 2.0%
    egenol 1.0%
    thyme oil 1.0%
    sesame oil 1.0%

    or even this:


    will these work without damaging my plants...im 2 days short of the 2 week mark of flowering right now.

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