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    justlookingjohny Active Member

    Hi, im building a grow box out of a old metal wardobe closet. I painted the enterior flat white. I got 8 42 watt cfls and have a system to hang them close to the plants. Im almost ready to begin except for the ventaltion of this wardrobe. I have some mother plants I would like to start cloning from. They been sitting near a window for a couple of months with the rest of my house plants. All my house plants have ultra tiny silver bugs in the soil, if I blow on the dirt I can see them run around. They are smaller than red spider mites. Will they be a problem ?

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Yes. Those are fungus gnats or their larvae. You might want to get some fly paper to catch them. KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    they don't sound like fungus gnats, they might be silverfish.

    justlookingjohny Active Member

    I know what silverfish look like, these little guys are WAY WAY smaller then silverfish lol. I can't see them until I blow on the soil, then a couple of them run around. I had them so bad a few years ago that a smooth plastic flower pot had a sand paper feel to the touch, "NO BULLSHIT".
    I sprayed and sprayed all kinds of neat growth inhibters and knockdown chems.
    After we settle the bug problem, I would like to talk about MOLD.
    TY ALL FOR YOUR FEEDACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    make sure your soil is dry in between waterings, Mold is caused by poor airflow and high humidity.
    MAc DRe

    MAc DRe Well-Known Member

    Bugs are terrible

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