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TINY bugs in soil and on pot. What are these? *pics* +rep

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Skoad, Oct 23, 2010.


    Skoad Well-Known Member

    I had never had any pest issues before and didnt even notice these guys until I went to flush my soil.

    They are extremely tiny. I would say smaller than a sugar ant. I tried to get the best pictures that I could.

    I inspected the leaves but didnt see a single one on plant. Just on soil/pot.

    What are these and how much damage can they do? Should I use anything special on them?

    Thanks in advance and I will surely +rep all those who help.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

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    Skoad Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Im not finding much on google about treating them. Nothing helpful anyway.

    I see here on the forums in the post that gives bug descriptions says

    Repression: Forced air circulation using powerful enough fans to move air throughout your greenhouse or growroom can keep the thrip from being able to hang on or move. Regular misting of water will flood the thrips on the leaves and slow their travel, reproduction, and ability to damage your plant. Sticky traps will help, however the thrip is happy eating in the same area for its entire life cycle. Low migration reduces effectiveness of sticky traps.
    Predators: Nearly any predatory mite is effective in combating thrips. Parasitic wasps may also be used, however the sheer numbers of thrips limits their ability.
    Manual Removal: You might be able to see herds of the tiny specks moving around your plant, crushing these will reduce their numbers of course but is not effective overall.
    Spray: Pyrethrum or insecticidal soap sprayed 2-4 times at 5-10 day intervals will nuke thrips back to the stone age.

    Does anyone have any other helpful info on getting rid of these guys? They dont appear to be on the leaves yet.

    Skoad Well-Known Member

    I have been looking long and hard but keep finding so many different solutions. One thing I see a lot is blue sticky traps and garlic.

    IF using garlic, would it cause any problems to the plant if I put it on top of the soil/around the plant?

    Anyone have any ways they have used/heard of that worked great? Im about halfway into flowering and I would really hate to lose these plants. I would be without marijuana for months!


    Also seeing people say to use the soap to kill these critters, some even said dish soap will work. Any input on this?>
    Puffer Fish

    Puffer Fish Well-Known Member

    My friend ...
    Avid takes care of my bug problems.
    Have a look HERE

    Small bottle goes a long way ...
    This should be in your tool kit ...

    Skoad Well-Known Member

    Just bumping in case you never fixed your problem or someone else is having the issue but I just purchased a pest soap (its a spray, can get in almost any gardening section/pest control section). Worked like a charm after the first treatment.

    jasonhal9178 Member

    hi i have them little white bugs in my soil i dont see them on my plant but thet are in my soil what do i do?

    xochilives Active Member

    jasonhal, you may have root aphids, I just discovered I have those in addition to fungus gnats, I tried weeping very loudly in front of them to guilt trip them into leaving, didnt work! Ladybug larvae, other than that, throw your shit out, bomb the rooms and start over, anything short of that and you will be crying just like me, seriously, I have yet to get rid of these fuckers, battling them for close to a year!
    jack ripa

    jack ripa Active Member

    It's better to move. That's what I did.

    ...you know, IF you have them. Get a scope and check for butt tubes.

    xochilives Active Member

    butt tubes????

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