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tin foil in grow room ? good or bad?? please help.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mr.man, Nov 5, 2008.


    mr.man Well-Known Member

    hi, i need somthing to use as a reflection system. first off, IS TIN FOIL A BAD IDEA??? if so whats bad about it and what wuld happen if i would use it ? please reply its important because im CFL growing in a small closet

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    bad, reflects heat mostly and not the light. although with cfls , and fluorescent tubing , im not sure , cuz they dont put off alot of heat, so it may be ok.

    downhiller6325 Well-Known Member

    thats a terrible idea......tin foil creats hot spots...and its just a dangous idea.....if ur not goin to by mylar i would just paint the walls white....that works just fine for other people...i just use mylar though...

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    buy some of the present wrapping paper with the mylar on the underside. that bright shiny wrapping paper, its probably just as cheap as tinfoil, if not cheaper at the dollar store.

    TheFaux New Member

    Hey man. I'm using aluminum foil in my closet. The shiny side is almost 90% reflective. I noticed a big difference as soon as put some up. ;-) Follow the link in my sig and feel free to comment.

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    tin foil reflects pretty good but it doesn't evenly distribute the heat. it will create hot spots on your plants. you can paint your room flat white, get mylar, or panda film

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    socom3riot, is right
    if you can't get mylar, get the wrapping paper
    it works, really well! :)

    pictures below...

    Attached Files:


    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    I would flip it around on the backside where there's no pictures n stuff lol , but it may work the same on both sides.. dunno?

    Bamstone Well-Known Member

    If you use aluminum foil make sure is is completely even and wrinkle free. It can reflect unevenly and create hot spots. I use white poster board. If you use a light meter and check the strength of reflection, you will find that white poster board reflects more light than aluminum foil and does so very evenly.

    Reflectors are made of aluminum but they are specially molded to produce an even reflection. Hard to do with foil.

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    ya hard to do for sure, pretty much impossible to not wrinkle foil unless u take like 10 hours doing ur place and do it absolutely perfectly. even then , ur bound to get some wrinkles.

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    ^ this was the, shiny side & the other side, is plain white
    others said, my wrapping paper, is like, a bonus, because, of the flares? lol

    socom3riot Well-Known Member

    lol ahhh. who knows maybe that shit will make ur plant happy :)

    downhiller6325 Well-Known Member

    ive got a question ive been postin on this like trend ive got for like a month...its my first grow...but ive got a lot of research put into it but no one ever comments on it....ive got pics and everything...why dont people post ...click my sign to see.i delete the pics from the early post to keep tha photo bucket clean but if you go to my last pages there all up to date

    aeroman Well-Known Member

    tinfoil is bad 4 plants
    good 4 hats

    any1 sez it reflects light gud doesnt know what their talking bout

    never use foil
    white paint or mylar
    that wrapping paper sounds good 2

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    lol what ever happened to the tin foil hat contest????

    flat white paint is a winner.. foil is and always will be a loser

    str8upplayer Active Member

    I have always used Dennyfoil for my growrooms.It is an amazing product! Great reflectivity,and is has no noxious chemicals. You can now buy it directly from the manufacturer!
    http://dennywholesale.com/ stay green!

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